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Jabra Elite 85t Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best for Small Ears

The earbuds are small, lightweight, and fit easily in the ear. It perfectly isolates the soundstage and allows you to personalize the equalizer settings to get the best possible experience.

Jabra Elite 85t bluetooth earbuds

Jabra Elite 85t bluetooth earbuds

If you want complete silence and peace as soon as you put on earbuds then these are the best ones in the market.

  • Brand: Jabra
  • Model: 100-99190000-02
  • Battery life: 25 hours


It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a model that provides an isolated soundstage. The ANC technology is one of the best features of the device.


  • Dynamic sound quality
  • Superior ANC technology
  • Elegant and robust construction
  • Allows personalization


  • The oval ear tips might not give a tight seal to some people
Sound quality
Battery life
Value for money

The details

Featuring cutting-edge technology for music and call experience, the earbuds are a stellar-sounding model that you do not want to miss out on. It has advanced ANC technology which allows you to control how many background noises you want to block. The HearThrough mode works like a transparency feature and allows you to hear a certain level of ambient noises. So, you will have a fully customizable, isolated, and immersive soundstage.

Sound quality

The unit includes six microphones, a Qualcomm QCC5126 processor, and an ANC chip to help offer an ethereal audio experience. The 12mm speaker pumps out a detailed, vibrant, and clear audio that you can easily personalize via the Sound+ mobile application. However, a few people complained that some genres sounded a bit muddy and bland on the earbuds. Moreover, there are five levels of noise cancellation that you can adjust using the mobile application and each level has a difference of three decibels. In ANC mode, you will be shocked by how brilliantly the unit blocks all of the ambient noises irrespective of how loud the noises are.

Battery life

When you turn the ANC mode on, the battery lasts for almost 5.5 hours. However, without this mode, the battery time is 7.5 hours or more! If you want to conserve the power, then turn on the sleep mode via the app. This preserves the battery life and automatically turns the buds off when they are inactive for some time (the range is between 15 minutes till 2 hours, depending on your choice).


The all-plastic exterior and the larger frame gives the earbuds a substantial feel whereas the smooth matte finish gives it a business class appearance. The buds are extremely comfortable to wear. The sound port is re-engineered with an oval shape so that it can easily be inserted into the canal without any discomfort. Furthermore, the gel tips further ensure that the earbuds fit firmly in your ear and do not go too deep into your ears. It provides suitable on-ear stabilization. You will hardly notice it on your ears during the initial hours of wearing it. However, you might start feeling a bit fatigued after 1.5 hours of continuous use.


After several types of research, Jabra concluded that people like using buttons more than tap gestures. Thus, in this model, they introduced physical buttons which are easy to use and they do not cause discomfort to the ears. They offer amazing tactility. Upon pressing a button on either earbud, you will hear a slight clicking sound in your ear, reassuring that the intended command is fulfilled.

Final verdict

If you are looking for lightweight, compact, and durable earbuds that you can wear anywhere and at any time then this is the one for you. It has dedicated ANC technology, six microphones, strong construction, and various modes that make using this set a terrific experience.

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