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Jabra Speak 510 Portable Bluetooth Speakers Review: Best for Outdoor

These speakers carry a speakerphone feature that lets you be a part of all those conference calls from work with the biggest ease. It takes a few seconds to pair up with your phone, tablet, or PC, and its Omni-directional microphone promises that everyone around the room enjoys access to the clear sound.

Jabra Speak 510 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Jabra Speak 510 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The portable compact design lets you hold conference meetings anywhere while excellent sound quality and full-room coverage ensure everyone is heard.

  • Brand: SereneLife
  • Product Number: 100-43100000-02
  • Speaker Type: Portable


A wireless Bluetooth speakerphone to attend or make hands-free conference calls at the office and home. Besides, it's a versatile speaker that allows you to enjoy loud music anywhere you want.


  • 15-hour battery
  • Slim design
  • Bluetooth+USB connectivity


  • No 3.5mm audio jack
Sound Quality
Value for money

The details

Jabra 510 is an easy-to-use conference call speakerphone with exceptional sound quality. Designed for both personal and professional use, it offers seamless Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It designed it turn any room into a conference facility.


Bluetooth Class 1 allows easy pairing and connectivity with smartphones, PCs, or tablets with 30 meters of wireless range. It offers in-room coverage for about 4-5 persons sitting in the same room. The powerful omnidirectional microphone picks up sound all around the device while the speaker enables 360 ̊coverage for up to 1 meter. With intuitive call controls, you can effortlessly set the volume and other functions.  


The 6 x 5 x 2’’ wireless speaker is very portable and weighs as light as 6.1 ounces. You can even carry it in a pocket to your office. There’s a pouch included for protecting this lightweight speakerphone while the compact design makes it well-suited for travel.

Sound quality

Thanks to the patented digital signal processing technology used in Jabra 510 speaker, everyone hears crystal-clear and high-definition without any distortion or echoes. With the omnidirectional 360 ̊built-in microphones, the sound is accurately picked up and delivered at all angles so that everyone can hear and be heard. Besides, the microphone and HiFi-grade speaker is equipped with noise-canceling technology. Thus, the technology ensures loud clear conversations and music.


Great if you want a personal speakerphone for office calls! What makes it the best option for clearer conference calls is that Jabra 510 works with every online call service, compatible with leading UC platforms and VoIP clients. Plus, it’s great for listening to loud music as well.  

Final verdict

It’s an ideal choice for audio conference calls for up to 4 people in the same room. It has an intuitive plug and play connectivity; setup is quick and simple via Bluetooth or USB.

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