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Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker Review: Best for Beginners

The Keurig K-Classic is the best coffee maker to buy if you’ve just started learning the science of brewing this drink at home. It’s affordable, has a simple interface, and is super easy to maintain.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Classic coffee machine is best known for its user-friendly interface. It has sleek and simple features, which you can adjust based on your needs with just a few clicks!

  • Brand: Keurig
  • Product number: K-50
  • Material: Plastic


The Keurig K-Classic coffee maker is popular because it offers three brew sizes, has an auto-off feature, and sells at an affordable price. Although it has limited programming capabilities, it is quite easy and convenient to use.


  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Auto shut-off & 3 brew sizes
  • Descaling alert
  • Classy look & affordable


  • No temperature control
  • Lacks a carafe
Coffee taste
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Are you used to getting your coffee from a coffee shop? If you are, the thought of brewing your own coffee at home can be a little intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be; not if you invest in beginner-friendly coffee machines like the Keurig K-Classic model. Here’s what you can expect from this appliance.

Coffee taste

The Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker contains a built-in coffee grinder, which ensures that the particles of coffee are ground uniformly before the brewing begins.

The result is a cup of coffee with a pleasant, reliable flavor every time, with no bitterness or intense aftertaste.

Ease of use

As we mentioned earlier, this machine’s ease of use is its greatest appeal. You don’t need to buy any fancy accessories or have any coffee knowledge to operate it.

If you want to brew, all you need to do is add water to its 48-ounce reservoir. Pop in a pod, choose your preferred brew size, and within seconds, your beverage will be ready.

We like the fact that Keurig offers limitless options in terms of the K-cup pods you can use. In fact, the manufacturer includes a four-count K-cup pack to help you get started .

The relatively big water reservoir is another feature that makes this machine simple to use. If you fill this water tank to the brim, you won’t have to refill until you’ve brewed 6 cups; hence saving you time. Better yet, this component is detachable, which makes for easy cleaning.


There are a few other features we like about the Keurig K-Classic coffee maker. For instance, it has a drip tray for catching spills.

The drip tray can be removed to allow for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Removing the drip tray also leaves enough space to fit a seven-inch travel mug for your coffee to pour into.

This coffee machine also boasts an automatic shut-off. This feature allows you to program your coffee maker to shut off automatically if it has been idle for two hours.

The water filter indicator is another nice-to-have feature. The machine displays a red light indicating that the water filter needs replacement when it becomes clogged or reaches capacity.


If you’re new to coffee brewing, you’ll probably not want to spend too much money on this affair.  Thankfully, the Keurig K-Classic is affordable, and it offers great value.

It brews the perfect cup of coffee, making use of K-Cup packs, which are available in over 500 varieties from over 50 brands.

Final verdict

Beginners will love what the Keurig K-Classic has to offer. It comes with a decent price tag, and a nice selection of features including a 48-ounce water reservoir, removable drip tray, different brew sizes, a descaling alert and more.

The biggest downside is the fact that it doesn’t allow users to adjust temperature. Plus, it doesn’t come with a carafe, meaning it can only be used with mugs, and cups.

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