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Kick Triumph Foosball Table Review: Best for Casual European Players

If you play foosball professionally, then you’re probably looking to purchase a high-end foosball table. On that note, the Kick Triump 55” foosball table comes highly recommended for professionals.

Kick Triumph Foosball Table

Kick Triumph Foosball Table

The Kick Triumph 55” is an excellent foosball table for individuals who play this game professionally.

  • Brand: KICK
  • Asin: B00HZ6QRL8
  • Material: Stainless steel


The foosball table comes with every accessory you’ll need to practice playing foosball table tournaments. These include counterblanced players, offering better ball control; stainless steel rods plated in chrome, a striking design and angled plates to easily return the balls. That said, putting the table together is a somewhat taxing job as you’ll have to assemble it from the ground up.


  • Has an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Is durable
  • Comes with unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Includes two sets of players: counterbalanced and uniform men set


  • You’ll need to assemble this foosball table from scratch
Value for money

The details

If you take this game seriously, then there are a couple of things you should focus on to find the ideal foosball table.

For one, it should be made of sturdy materials so that it’s able to withstand aggressive play. It should also be well weighted to provide stability and have the necessary accessories for playing foosball.

Well, Kick Triumph 55” meets all these conditions and more. Here’s a detailed overview of this foosball table.


One thing you’ll love about the Triumph foosball table is that it not only works well but also looks good while doing so. Like the KICK Legend, this one also sports a sleek look that’s sure to impress anyone who sets foot in your gaming room.

It comprises a black cabinet that complements the glossy green playing field nicely. You will also like the crisp white graphics imprinted on the playing surface.

Better yet, this table has a couple of stainless steel accents on the corners that make it look even more elegant.


Professional players will want to invest in a foosball table with user-friendly features. Luckily, the Kick Triumph fits this description perfectly.

One such feature is the set of angled plates that are meant to be attached in the corners for the purpose of preventing “dead spots”.

Dead spots is the term used for a situation where the balls get stuck in the corner. The angled plates cause the balls to return to the playing field; hence, preventing such an event from occuring.

The second feature that makes Triumph suited for professional play entails its size. It measures 55” by 30” by 36”, which means it complies with the regulation sizing for tournaments.

Another thing that improves your gameplay entails the counterweighted men. Included in the package are 13 blue and red counterbalanced men and an additional set of 26 uniformed men. This means that you can set it up for either one goalie or three goalies. You will also find 8 semi-solid stainless steel rods and 4 soccer balls.


Durability is one thing you won’t have to worry about when it comes to the Kick Triumph foosball table. This is because the biggest portion of the table is designed using metal.

For instance, the base is made solely from stainless steel. The rods are also constructed using stainless steel then encased in a chrome plating. The chrome plating mitigates the risk of corrosion.


Similar to the Kick Legend foosball table we looked at earlier, the Triumph has a mid-tier pricing. This gives you maximum value for your money as you’ll be getting a vast range of features.

These include two sets of 26 players each: one uniformed set and another counterbalanced; premium bearings, chrome-plated stainless steel rods, and a massive playing field.

Final verdict

The 55” Kick Triump is designed for an individual who is -or planning to start- playing foosball on a professional level. It comes with a generous selection of accessories, is versatile and fairly priced.

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