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Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair Review: Best for Bad Backs

This is a lightweight and sturdy camping chair that offers you a premium seating experience. This chair is perfect for watching outdoor games. However, it can be uncomfortable for people with back problems.

Kijaro Dual Lock camping chair

Kijaro Dual Lock camping chair

This chair has a dual lock technology that is specifically designed to make sure you're comfortable. That and along with a padded headrest and seat, make you want to relax in this sports camping chair for hours on end.

  • Brand: Kijaro
  • Asin: B01ENDRIXG
  • Material: Metal


Unlike all the other camping chairs, this chair offers you dual lock technology that is made ten times better than the rest. The dual lock makes it, so there is no sag in the seat, so you can be sure to have a comfortable experience.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Vibrant colors


  • Some design issues
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

The Kijaro dual lock camping chair or the Kijaro sports chair is a great buy. If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor sports events, then this camping chair is perfect for you. as it provides you with a sturdy, comfortable seat in the audience to watch whatever match you’re keen on watching.


Capable of carrying about almost three hundred pounds in weight, this chair is perfect for most outdoorsmen.

Opening mechanism

The opening mechanism on this chair is easy and quick. The dual lock system makes it even more comfortable.


The Kijaro dual lock camping chair locks up securely and efficiently, making it that much easier to carry with you to your next sports game. It also weighs less than 10 pounds, so that’s a bonus as you won’t be carrying around a heavyweight everywhere.


Considering its durability, comfort level, and portability, this camping chair has a lot to put on the table. However, you can find a camping chair with the same features and same quality at a much lower price.

Final verdict

This Kijaro dual lock camping chair is just the sort of chair you need while you’re at a football game. It provides comfort and keeps you sitting straight. It also comes with a side pouch to store your things and snacks. It also has a cup holder, so you can conveniently reach for your drink whenever you want.

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