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KONG 42551 Dog Toy Review: Best Frisbee

Your dog might get bored of grabbing the same ball over and over again. Here is the best alternative to play fetch.

KONG 42551 dog toy

KONG 42551 dog toy

It is the best toy in the Flying Disc category for dogs.

  • Brand: KONG - Flyer
  • Product Number: 42551
  • Material: Rubber


Kong Flyer is a great alternative for conventional fetch toys. The flyer is made of strong KONG Classic rubber. The dynamic rebound excites your dog to fetch it.


  • Durable
  • Soft rubber


  • Flimsy
  • Not chew proof
Value for money

The details

The Kong Flyer is the best fetch toy out there. It ensures that your dog is active and does not face boredom. Unlike the plastic flying discs, it is designed using soft rubber, which lets your dog play and fetch without any hurt. It helps your dog to cope up with feelings of separation anxiety while exercising.


Kong toys are always manufactured with world-class quality materials.


The flyer is not expensive and great at serving its purpose.


Kong Flyers are made of good quality soft rubber. If played with directions, is it quite durable.


They are designed to ensure the safety and health of dogs. The material is safe for catching and does not hurt their teeth or gums.

Final verdict

The Kong Flyers are a good way to stimulate your dog’s instinct to play fetch. It is a great purchase for people who love to see their dogs being excited over fetching things and wagging their tails when they do.

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