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Koomus Pro Car Phone Holder Review: Best for the CD Slot

OwlRatings suggests this car phone holder that is known for its simplistic design and excellent features. It gets fixed on CD players and uses a magnetic plate to fix the phones. It has a sleek and minimalistic design that suits all cars.

Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot

Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot

Its minimal aesthetic design has lured thousands of buyers. However, it also offers great support to keep the mobile phone attached to the dashboard.

  • Brand: Koomus
  • Product Number: Pro CD Magnet
  • Material: Faux Leather


One-push installation makes this smartphone holder a perfect choice for all the car owners, who have CD players in their cars.


  • Small and impressive design
  • powerful magnets to hold the phone
  • 360° rotation


  • No cradle to hold the phone during a bumpy drive!
Ease of installation
Value for money

The details

Koomus phone holder is one of the best-selling car phone holders. It’s pretty small, but it supports all types of mobile phones. You can trust this phone holder’s magnetic strength and mount your device on it with a magnetic pad. Its powerful magnets won’t lose the grip of your device.  It will be in a position you want for hours. 

Ease of installation

This magnetic cell phone mount is quite easy to install. You get a button at the top of the base that opens the slider. Place it into the CD player slot and then release the button. The holder will grip the CD slot pretty tightly and then you can mount your device on it.

Quality of material

Koomus has used faux leather to offer this car smartphone holder a charming look. Plastic parts don’t look that durable but it still got a robust structure. So, no need to worry about the build quality of this phone holder.

Security features

It uses strong magnets to hold your mobile device. The cradle-less design is unique and it may be risky to mount a heavy mobile phone with a thick cover. It might not stay in the required position for a long time!

Value for money

This car phone holder is more expensive than some other top-rated products. The Koomus brand is offering a ten-day replacement and a 1-year warranty. Buyers have praised this product and you will also enjoy its services.

Final verdict

This car phone holder is small in size, quite impressive, and durable. Invest in it if you have no issue with mounting your phone on a cradle-less magnetic phone holder.

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