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LANBRELLA Windproof Umbrella Review: Best for Travel

This umbrella has a simple folding mechanism that makes it easy to pack along with your travel essentials. It also has a wide arch that can cover two or more people.

LANBRELLA Windproof umbrella

LANBRELLA Windproof umbrella

Its high-density sun-proof material protects you from harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of the rays preventing your body from burning and tanning.

  • Brand: LANBRELLA
  • Asin: B0748CTC9G
  • Material: Fiberglass


This umbrella isn't your average folding umbrella. Its eight-rib fiberglass construction allows it to withstand strong winds. And with a wide arch of up to 46 inches, the umbrella can cover two people.


  • Wide arch
  • Compact design
  • Easy to store


  • Difficult to close
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

During travel, you want to pack light, and having an ultra-light umbrella makes the process easier. The Lanbrella windproof umbrella is one such example. Its folding mechanism makes it easy to pack it in your briefcase, backpack, and travel bag, along with other travel items.


With up to eight reinforced fiberglass ribs, the umbrella can withstand the strongest winds without folding. The ribs can bend up to 180 degrees without snapping, keeping the umbrella very sturdy. What’s more, the canopy has a waterproof rating of 210T to keep you dry during a heavy downpour.

Opening mechanism

The umbrella has an easy opening and closing mechanism that allows you to operate with only one hand. Even with your hands full, a simple press of a button should get the umbrella open. However, we found it rather difficult to close. While the button helps collapse the fabric, you may need to close the stem using both hands.


Lanbrella equips this umbrella with an elbow or inside-out design that keeps it compact despite its wide 46-inch arc. After closing it, the wet part becomes the inside of the umbrella, preventing water from dripping.

Value for money

By comparison, Lanbrella’s travel umbrella is superior to the likes of Repel Windproof umbrella. Its high-quality construction, ability to pack compact, and UV protection give you great value for your monies. As a bonus, the umbrella comes with a 100-day money-back warranty to ensure you get the best service.

Final verdict

The umbrella isn’t just great for travel but for daily use too. It easily replaces a large, cumbersome umbrella. Its compact build makes it easy to store, and its ability to protect against UV rays and withstand strong winds is a bonus.

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