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Liquid Web Hosting Service Review: Best Dedicated Servers

It has feature-packed web hosting plans and can handle all the site’s administrative tasks regardless of scale, making it the best for dedicated web hosting.

Liquid Web Hosting Service

Liquid Web Hosting Service

Liquid Web hosting service stands out primarily for its superb dedicated servers. Thanks to this, it’s able to handle intense traffic demands, offer you complete control of your servers and an opportunity to improve your security features.

  • Brand: Liquid Web
  • Founded: 1997
  • Headquarters: Lansing, Michigan, United States


Overall, Liquid Web Hosting is the ultimate buy for businesses looking for dedicated web hosts. While its plans come at a premium, they give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on content creation and customer satisfaction.


  • Free site migration
  • Easy setup
  • Free email accounts


  • Doesn’t come with a free domain
Uptime reliability
Customer support
Value for money

The details

With up to five state-of-art data centers (four in the US and one in Amsterdam), Liquid Web is truly a dedicated web hosting service. It leverages the latest technologies in the market, and its fully-owned hardware gives it complete control over all the options it offers clients.

Customers enjoy fast page loads, unlimited email accounts, and can install eCommerce tools as well as blogging software using the easy-to-use cPanel.


Liquid Web makes many bold claims on its website regarding speed (it’s 200% faster than AWS, DigitalOcean, and other web hosting services), and we had to test it.

Thankfully, it lives up to the hype delivering an average loading speed of 338 ms. Well, it’s impressive for its price range and product offering, but it’s certainly not as good as the best product on the list- WP Engine.

Uptime reliability

This is one feature that makes or breaks a site’s overall performance. If your site is always unavailable every time customers visit, you’re likely to lose traffic and rank lower over time. Uptime measures a site’s reliability each time a user visits.

When tested for this feature, Liquid Web doesn’t disappoint. It has a response time of 214ms, which is pretty reliable compared to other web hosting plans that achieve 300-400 ms and more. What’s more, it maintained the same rate throughout our tests with only 11m of downtime.

Customer support

A company’s support system says a lot about its services. Our experience with Liquid Web customer support was pretty impressive.

First, its overall setup is user-friendly, which is evident on the opening pages. The company displays all the products available and then lists the support available for each plan.

Liquid Web also provides detailed tutorials, guides, and articles that furnish you with crucial information in case you’re stuck. This section is also referred to as the knowledge base and is usually broken down into four categories: Getting Started, Series ( to address complex topics), Tutorials, and Common Fixes.

If neither section is helpful, reach out to the company’s support team via email, live chat, or telephone. The company boasts a large group of technicians ready to help you address any problem.


We found Liquid Web Hosting a tad pricey for the average blogger or a small business owner. Here’s an overview of all its plans:

Dedicated web hosting

This is its primary offering, and it’s available in single quad-core and multi-core processors.

The single quad-core processor is great for small businesses as it provides two 240 GB SSD (solid-state drives), 16 GB of RAM, and 5GB of monthly data transfers for $169 p.m.

But large enterprises looking for better website performance should consider its 32-core processor tier. It provides 15TB of data transfers, two 480 GB of SSD, and 128 GB of RAM for $549 per month.

While Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting plans are reasonable, we found them a little overpriced compared to similar-ranking providers. AccWeb’s high-end plan, for example, provides up to 512 GB of RAM, 20TB of monthly data transfers, and 6TB of storage for $196 p.m.

VPS web hosting

If its dedicated web hosting plan isn’t your cup of tea, you can subscribe to its VPS hosting. It comes in handy for users looking for significant power without the premium price tags on the dedicated server plans.  

The entry VPS plan provides 2GB of RAM, 10TB of monthly data transfers, and 40 GB of SSD for $35 p.m only (12-month plan). And if looking for more storage and power, its high-end plan should come in handy.

For $115 p.m., you get 200 GB of SSD, 16GB of RAM, and you can choose between Windows (for $20 more p.m.)or Linux-based servers. These RAM and storage totals for VPS hosting are undoubtedly impressive for this price range.

WordPress hosting

While it’s a relatively recent addition to Liquid Web’s hosting plans, it does a pretty good job at supporting site owners.

With the plan, you no longer need to maintain core installs, updates or monitor the server’s infrastructure, subscribe to one of the packages, and Liquid Web will do the rest.

What’s more, Liquid Web doesn’t design its plans around monthly visitors or bandwidth usage; instead each package is allocated ample bandwidth and SSD storage, usually more than the number of sites allowed.

The prices range from $19 per month for a single domain, 2TB of monthly data transfer, and 15 GB of SSD. And, no upcharges apply for traffic increases.

Cloud web hosting

If looking for a more flexible web hosting service, this is a solid buy. The resources required to host a website are shared across many servers, which enhance performance, especially if experiencing a spike in traffic.

The Cloud hosting is available in multiple tiers, with the basic plan costing $149 p.m. (offers 425 GB of storage, 15 GB RAM, 5TB of monthly data). In addition, users can scale resources to more than $1100 p.m; based on the configuration.


Liquid Web isn’t big on ensuring the safety of its users as other web hosting services we have reviewed. However, it includes basic SSL on all its plans which dictates whether a website is an HTTPS or HTTP site.

The latter isn’t secure hence vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, Google labels HTTP sites as unsecured. Conversely, HTTPS has advanced security because it is SSL encrypted.

Final verdict

Without question, Liquid Web Hosting is the best-dedicated web host for businesses. Its dedicated VPS hosting is more than enough to place it among the web hosting elite at a hefty price.

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