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LKY DIGITAL Upgraded 3D Sleep Mask Review: Best Cheap

This sleep mask by LKY Digital comes with eyecups for added comfort. It uses cotton and memory foam to provide the best possible sleep experience.

LKY DIGITAL Upgraded 3D Sleep Mask

LKY DIGITAL Upgraded 3D Sleep Mask

The mask has a breathable structure which makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Moreover, despite being breathable, the memory foam prevents all the incident light from passing through.

  • Brand: LKY DIGITAL
  • Model: SMN-008
  • Material: Breathable fabric and soft foam


The eyecups of this mask are deeper than other sleep masks which ensures that you have enough space to move your eyes around. Moreover, it does not smudge or interact with eye makeup.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Does not use any glue
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not interfere with makeup


  • Loses its shape in the drier
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Next up is another pack of three 3D contoured masks by LKY Digital. These masks have been constructed using rebound memory foam and cotton. The mask is designed such that it does not interfere with eye makeup and does not smudge your foundation. It comes with an adjustable strap and provides 100 percent light proofing. The nose bridge is such that it can adjust to all nose and head sizes without being uncomfortable. Since the material used is extremely soft and the mask is lightweight, it has a very soothing effect and adds to the quality of REM sleep.


The mask is made using a layer of stretchable cotton cloth, memory foam and synthetic material with mesh on top. Unlike other masks, the layers are not fixed together using glue, rather they are joined using suturing which improves the overall quality of the mask and makes it wash friendly. Moreover, it does not fall apart after a few uses. In addition to this, the mask comes with breathable memory foam, which prevents heat hotspots along with pressure hotspots.

Skin care

Since the material used in the mask is breathable, it does not cause an accumulation of debris and allergens. Hence, it can be used by individuals with sensitive skin. The breathability prevents acne breakouts and does not resurface any underlying skin conditions. Moreover. It does not develop any heat hotspots around the eye area.

Ease of use

The mask is very easy to use. The adjustable elastic strap has a buckle that does not catch your hair. The mask can be adjusted to a circumference between 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches. Moreover, the clasp is very thin and does not hinder your sleep in any sleep pattern. The mask is wash friendly. However, to keep its shape, it is better you wash it with your hand. The company advises that the mask should be air-dried. It might lose its shape if you spin it in a drier.

Final verdict

The mask is ideal for shift workers who want to take a nap in between work. If you wear makeup to your work and don’t want the mask to ruin it, there is no better option than the LKY Digital contoured mask. It has enough space in the eyecups to not interfere with your makeup even if you are wearing lashes.

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