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Logitech S150 Computer Speakers Review: Best Cheap Option

One of OwlRatings’ high-rated budget-friendly computer speakers. It features a high-frequency 2-inch driver and has a magnetically shielded design. Also, it is USB-powered.

Logitech S150 computer speakers

Logitech S150 computer speakers

Best cheap computer speakers

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Product Number: B000ZH98LU
  • Color: Black


Not high-fidelity but are good enough for basic listening to YouTube videos, playing games, and music on your desktop computer or laptop.


  • Magnetically-shielded
  • USB-powered
  • Compact


  • No headphone jack and lacks low-frequency driver
Value for money

The details

Logitech S150 is a 2.0 channel satellite speaker set that is designed to enhance the audio from the computer. It has a single USB plug that plugs into your computer.


The most valuable feature is the single USB cable connection with no 3.5mm audio plug. This means that the speaker won’t use the sound chip on your computer, it offers completely digital audio. Each stereo speaker features a high-frequency 2’’driver to deliver clear audio. On the front, there are 3 volume buttons; up, mute, and volume down. On the downside, there’s no power down; the speakers are always powered on when connected to a computer.

Sound quality

Despite their compact size, the speakers deliver a smooth frequency response of 90Hz to 20 kHz. A total of 1.2W RMS is good enough to bring out clear loud audio for basic listening. Best of all, you don’t require a working sound chip on the computer to play through these speakers.


These are very compact speakers that fit into any small space. They have a plastic enclosure and are powered by USB; a standard 1.2m USB cable that fits most computers. Moreover, there’s no requirement for a power outlet. This works well when you have confined space or don’t have a socket nearby. The two speakers are permanently attached but you can place them apart by stretching the wire.


Thanks to their magnetically-shielded design, the speakers won’t affect monitor picture quality. This means these speakers are safe to use and prevent any permanent damage; value for the money. Plus, it generates digital audio; they feature built-in DAC and produce the actual sound.

Final verdict

Since it’s a budget-friendly option, you can’t expect high-end features. Although the speakers do sound great, these lack convenient features like a headphone jack, RCA inputs, and low-frequency driver.  They have no bass response. If you want to add basic pair of stereo speakers to your computer without spending a lot of money, Logitech S150 has got you covered.

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