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LONOVE MD300 Basement Dehumidifier Review: Best Small

This one is the best basement dehumidifier when it comes to places as small as 2200 cubic feet, as it can remove up to 350ml of water per day. It depicts a pocket-friendly rate and has a concise body that adds to its portability. The sleek white color ensures that you don’t have to compromise on your basement’s finalized look.

LONOVE MD300 Dehumidifier

LONOVE MD300 Dehumidifier

It’s the best small size dehumidifier for small basements with high humidity levels!

  • Brand: LONOVE
  • Product Number: B07V6NT3P6
  • Color: White


The LONOVE MD300 dehumidifier is small, efficient, and quite stylish to set up in the basement, living room, bedroom, and small offices.


  • Removes up to 350ml moisture in a day
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Power-efficient


  • Not built for large spaces
Energy efficiency
Noise levels
Value for money

The details

You don’t need a large dehumidifier if you got a small basement with high humidity levels. Buy the LONOVE MD300 to dehumidify your space. It can operate tirelessly to control humidity levels. It operates quietly and extracts up to 350ml moisture in a day. It’s not perfect for large spaces. Don’t buy it if you want to dehumidify a large room or basement in your home!


This dehumidifier outperforms all the other small-size basement dehumidifiers. It got features like easy filter cleaning, easy water draining, auto shut-off and ultra quiet operation. All these features make it people’s favorite machine for dehumidifying small spaces.

Energy efficiency

It’s an extremely power-efficient dehumidifier. That’s probably because it is small, it extract less amount of water, and it can’t cope with constantly increasing humidity levels! It’s perfect for short term use, especially when you are traveling in an RV!

Noise levels

It is a super-quiet dehumidifier. Set it up in your bedroom, living room, office, or basement. You won’t even realize that it is on or off due to its whisper-quiet operation.

Value for money

You can buy this dehumidifier under $50. It comes with a 1-year warranty and the manufacturer promises a long and satisfying service. Try it if you don’t want to invest your bucks in a large-size dehumidifier!

Final verdict

The LONOVE MD300 dehumidifier looks quite impressive. It is compact and easily portable to different spaces. Many users also use it to dehumidify their RVs and large vehicles. It’s an exceptional choice to dehumidify small basements and rooms in a residential or commercial property. Therefore, we recommend it as the best small dehumidifier for small spaces.

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