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L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara Review: Best for Asian Lashes

Achieve those long and voluminous eyelashes you’ve always wanted with the help of this double-extend two-step mascara from L’Oreal Paris.

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara

Considered the best mascara for Asian lashes, this product allows you to enjoy up to an 80% extension. It’s also very long-lasting yet easy to remove.

  • Brand: L'Oreal Paris
  • Product number: 575 Blackest Black
  • Product benefits: Volumizing & lengthening


This is a revolutionary mascara that offers up to 80% lash extension. It’s the best for Asian lashes and anyone looking to get longer-looking and voluminous eyelashes for an extended period. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, fade-proof, and long-lasting.


  • Ideal for sensitive eyes
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof and fade-proof
  • Easy removal


  • It doesn’t thicken eyelashes
Ease of removing
Ingredients quality
Value for money

The details

This double-extend tube mascara from L’Oreal Paris offers double the benefits. Applying it involves two steps:  a nourishing base coat (white) then an ultra lengthening topcoat (black). The base coat features numerous nutrients that will ensure your lashes remain strong and protected.

In addition, the topcoat application guarantees your lashes will look 80% longer than they are, making this mascara ideal for Asian lashes.

Ease of removal

No doubt taking off mascara can be challenging and somewhat disastrous. However, this new mascara from L’Oreal is considered effortless to remove, rating highest in terms of ease of removal.

There are two easy ways to remove the mascara, neither of which requires you to have a makeup remover. Instead, you only need some warm water and cotton balls – easy and simple.

Ingredients quality

This tube mascara contains Ceramide R and Fibers. Moreover, it uses latex formula and tubing technology that ensures you get an extra-long lash extension. It’s formulated to be safe for use by those suffering from allergies or who have sensitive eyes.


Its unique formula is designed to give you up to 80% more volume on your eyelashes, giving them a fuller and more attractive look.


This mascara is available at a fairly reasonable price, giving you incredible value for money. Combined with its superb performance and fade- and smudge-proof formula, this tube mascara ensures you definitely get your money’s worth.

Final verdict

Overall, this product is ideal for anyone looking for a tube mascara that stays on for hours without smudging or fading. It is also suitable for anyone with thin eyelashes, as it can increase your eyelash volume by up to 80%.

Although it features a two-step application, you don’t need to wait too long between applications to ensure its long-lasting performance.

Moreover, unlike other mascaras, it is effortless to remove as you only need warm water or cotton balls to wipe it off. Alternatively, you can also use your fingertips to gently remove the mascara when washing it off.

Aside from ease of removal, it offers incredible value for money due to its long-lasting staying power and smudge- and fade-proof properties. As a result, you get to enjoy longer and fuller-looking eyelashes for an extended period.

Moreover, it’s approved for use by ophthalmologists. They have deemed it a safe product to use by those who suffer from eye sensitivity or allergies. It’s also designed so you can use it even with contact lenses on.

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