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Lucid 3 Inch Mattress Topper Review: Best Bamboo Material

Our Lucid 3 inch bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper review shows that this product combines the benefits of moisture control and odor provided by bamboo charcoal with the pressure point relief offered by memory foam.

Lucid Mattress Topper

Lucid Mattress Topper

This topper is great for back support

  • Brand: LUCID
  • Product Number: LU30QQ30BT
  • Material: Memory foam


An ideal topper for people with allergies.


  • Regulates temperature
  • Absorbs excess moisture
  • Eliminates odors


  • Could do with a zippered cover
Value for money

The details

The Lucid 3 inch topper’s plush memory foam helps reduce pressure point pain and supports the lower back, permitting the spine to remain neutral. The memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resists bacterial growth to provide a clean environment for sleeping.

The new foam scent is standard and goes away in a couple of days after opening. This product comes with a 3-year warranty


The Lucid 3 inch topper combines the benefits of bamboo charcoal with contouring memory foam. Bamboo charcoal is produced by heating the bamboo plant and then grinding it into a powder. Then, it is infused into the memory foam.

Bamboo charcoal is used in skin care items and medications, and can be safely utilized in bedding and fabric products. This topper’s ventilation facilitates temperature regulation and easy airflow.


The topper is easy to maintain and can be washed by hand with a mild detergent. Avoid machine washing and drying.

Final verdict

This topper’s bamboo charcoal infusion offers antimicrobial and moisture barrier benefits. It relieves pain while sleeping which makes it ideal for people who have fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other painful conditions.

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