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Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit Review: Best for Smokers

A great way to replicate teeth whitening for smokers at home, this product is an affordable and effective option to get your stain-free smile back.

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit

Using advanced technology with blue light, this product is a smoker’s saving grace for reclaiming their pearly whites back. This teeth-whitening kit helps them get rid of severe discoloration and has been designed to remove tough stains after years of smoking.

  • Brand: Luelli
  • Asin: B088Q5RPZ9
  • Item form: Gel


Taking things up a notch with its LED technology, this Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit makes the cut for a good at-home alternative to professional cleaning. On the flip side, many of the complaints voiced are about its blue light device missing a timer or vibrate feature to indicate the end of the treatment period.


  • Mint flavored
  • Batteries included
  • Developed in FDA registered facilities
  • Quick results


  • May dry out throat
  • Timer not included
Value for money

The details

The Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit makes it easy to whiten no matter how severe the discoloration. Smokers like this in-budget, easy LED whitening kit that makes it easy to afford clean and white teeth without having to pay for expensive dental treatments.


Along with working on teeth affected by severe staining, this teeth whitening kit also works equally well on sensitive teeth. Its sensitive approach to teeth yields impressive yet comfortable results without triggering any pain or sensitivity.  

Its safe, dental-grade formula only requires 10 minutes of daily application to remove stubborn coffee, soda, wine, or smoking stains.

Customers appreciate the fact that the gel formula doesn’t cause any gum irritation and most people start to notice results after the first use.


The Luelli Teeth Whitening System comes with three whitening gel syringes and one desensitizing gel syringe to be dispensed accurately into the included mouth tray.

The mouth tray is ready to use and will fit most mouths comfortably. The mouthpiece attaches to the light that speeds up the whitening process leaving you hands-free to continue with your day as you please.

The system also includes batteries with the purchase along with a shade guide to track your progress.


The teeth whitening gel and the kit are made in FDA-registered facilities to ensure safety and quality.

While the company says that it has no side effects, some customers have reported slight discomfort after using it, but that could be given the condition of their teeth. In case there is discomfort or distress experienced, it’s best to consult with your dentist.

Value for money

The teeth whitening kit shows results that last for up to 5 to 6 months before teeth need to be whitened again. This is great value for the price and customers love the results it delivers.

Final verdict

Smokers love this teeth whitening kit and how it helps them get rid of tough stains. Since smoking-stained teeth can also become sensitive over time, it is a huge plus that this teeth whitening kit is gentle on sensitive teeth without compromising its performance.

However, users with high sensitivity will need to warrant caution as the bleaching solution may be too strong for them.

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