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Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diaper Review: Best Affordable

These diapers depict a Nightlock Technology that keeps any leakage incident at bay for the full 12 hours. Each diaper carries a maximum stretching limit so they would fit babies of any size. They come at such a reasonable rate that you have the liberty to change the diapers as many times as you prefer.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diaper

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diaper

This high-quality diaper is the most cost-effective one you can buy for your babies.

  • Brand: Luvs
  • Product Number: 10037000976803
  • Size: 1 (252 Count)


Luvs is offering top-quality diapers at an affordable price. You get 124-252 diapers in a pack, which is quite helpful for new parents.


  • Excellent absorption
  • Comfortable
  • Several size options


  • Not completely hypoallergenic
Leak protection
Value for money

The details

Luvs Ultra Leakguard diaper has become a popular choice among parents due to its affordable price. Luvs provide a large supply of diapers with impressive build quality. Multiple layer protection allows your baby to stay dry for hours. It is not perfect for overnight use because it may leak if your baby sleeps on his sides. So, keep that fact in your mind when placing the order.


This diaper comes with a comforting leak barrier cuff. Stretchy sides allow you to secure the diaper perfectly without discomforting the baby. Triple leakguard layers offer great protection against leaks. It takes some time to dry if gets wet due to poor air circulation.


Luvs claims that this diaper can absorb enough wetness to offer overnight comfort. However, many parents have witnessed wetness and rashes on their baby’s skin. Poor absorbency is a reason it’s not as reliable as other diapers we are suggesting.

Leak protection

Luvs has used the Nightlock Technology to make this diaper leakproof. This diaper prevents leaks effectively to an extent, but it may leak if it gets wet at an angle. It is a troubling issue for parents who have energetic babies.  

Value for money

You will get 252 diapers in a pack if you choose size-1 diapers for your baby. There will be a freedom to change multiple diapers in a day because the cost is too affordable. It’s the best affordable and disposable nappy you can buy for the little member of your family.

Final verdict

Disposable nappies are not reusable. Therefore, many parents find them costly and unfeasible. Luvs is trying to make things more economical for parents by offering top-rated diapers at an affordable cost. It’s not completely leak proof, but still better than cloth diapers and ordinary disposable diapers. Therefore, you must try it for your baby if you want to save some bucks!

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