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Magilano SKYJO Card Game Review: Best for 3 People

This game set is made with the intent of creating entertainment and fun for long hours.

Magilano SKYJO card game

Magilano SKYJO card game

The Magilano card game is great for those who want to enjoy a fun and entertaining card game for hours. It’s best for 3 players but also works best for up to 8 people.

  • Brand: Magilano
  • Product number: SKYJO
  • Number of players: 2 to 8


This game can be played by two to eight persons. Players have to get points through trading, flipping, and gathering cards over rounds. Overall, it’s a great way to relax and have fun with some friends or family members.


  • Comes in several languages which makes it easier to play and learn
  • A game can last for as long as thirty minutes


  • The instruction manual can use some improvement
Ease of use
Material quality
Value for money

The details

SKYJO is a flexible game that doesn’t require you to exert too much energy. It’s also educational as it involves counting numbers, making estimates, and a high level of concentration.

Players have to add up a hundred two-digit numbers. Each player’s concentration is tested as they go through the game’s course. The game is played between two to eight players above the age of eight. Each session will take thirty minutes on average.

Ease of use

Even though there’s not much instruction given regarding its use in the short manual it comes with, you can actually learn and master its rules pretty easily once it starts. Thankfully, the game’s manual comes with pictures which makes them a bit easier to learn.

Material quality

This game set is manufactured in Germany. It contains one hundred and fifty cards, a notepad, and one manual. The game comes in a little box that is very portable and packable. 

It uses cardboard as its material which makes it durable for a while, but if it comes into contact with water, then it might get weakened considerably. Therefore, you should make sure to store it in a watertight container. 


SKYJO provides optimum fun for families and friends alike. It is a great set of card games that entertains everyone involved, whether young or old. Every player has to be on their A-game and monitor their opponent’s movement so they won’t get caught unaware. Young players can play this game independently once they get familiar with it.

It’s a fun game, but it’s highly ideal to play in-between game activities as a way to rest while still having fun. 

Value for money 

A pack of this game set is fairly affordable, allowing you to have maximum fun with your family members and friends. It can also substitute as a training set for your kids as it stretches their thinking capacity. Overall, it offers good value for your money.

Final verdict

We recommend that you purchase this game set if you are looking to play a fun card game without spending too much. It’s good to have this game collection around during family gatherings as well as casual cookouts. 

Since it is made for two to eight people, you can comfortably take this to a picnic or gathering. Of course, you can play this game along with a group of friends, but it works best for 3 people.

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