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Apps2car Car Phone Holder Review: Best for Thick Cases

It uses magnetic technology to grip the phones and is mounted on CD players. With 18 months warranty, shock resistance feature, and 360-degree rotation, it is best for its excellent compatibility.

Magnetic Universal CD Slot Car Phone Holder Mount

Magnetic Universal CD Slot Car Phone Holder Mount

It is the best choice for car owners, who are looking for CD-player mount magnetic car phone holder

  • Brand: APPS2Car
  • Product Number: M4S-CD4
  • Material: Silicon


This smartphone holder secures your expensive smartphone without affecting its appearance or performance.


  • Firm silicone base
  • Powerful magnets to hold the phone without cradle
  • Great build quality
  • Lifetime customer service
  • Universal compatibility


  • It cannot hold smartphones with thick cover gripped for too long
  • It can’t work without adhesive metal plate
Ease of installation
Value for money

The details

APPS2Car specializes in building smartphone and tab holders. Its products can hold a wide range of mobile devices firmly. This CD slot-mount magnetic phone holder is a great accessory for your car. Install it and then glue the metal plate at the back of your device or its cover. Now attach your device to the smartphone holder and it will fix as a part of your car.

This phone holder can offer an unproblematic service for many years. Use APPS2Car’s 18-month warranty to return or replace it if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Ease of installation

You will install this car cradle within a few minutes. The silicone base will slide into the CD player and the magnetic phone holder will grip your device. It may hardly take five minutes for installation!

Quality of material

The manufacturer has used top-quality materials to craft this phone holder. Top-quality silicone material and rubber have been used to build the phone holder, which accommodates strong magnets up to 12mm in diameter.

Security features

This phone holder can hold devices weighing up to 1.8KGs safely. It’s highly unlikely that you use a mobile device that weighs up to 1kg. So, it’s safe and reliable.

Value for money

You can easily buy this car cradle at a cost-effective price. APPS2Car promises a long and enjoyable service. Use thin phone covers to keep your device attached to the magnet securely.

Final verdict

This cell phone holder will eliminate the need for holding the phone while driving. You can easily attach and remove the device with one hand. Be careful on bumpy roads because the phone may slide down and fall on the mat!

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