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Matty Matheson Home Style Cookery Cookbook Review: Best for Home Cooking

The exciting thing about this one is that it not only caters to the ones who prefer basic home meals but also the people who want to cook fancy recipes all by themselves. The cookbook depicts all the famous dishes from pantry staples to weekend party favorites, without having you go over the board with the budget.

Home Style Cookery cookbook

Home Style Cookery cookbook

If you are looking to have a few friends over soon enough, you might want to consider picking up this cookbook. It saves you from the stress of thinking about what to cook for your guests.

  • Author: Matty Matheson
  • ISBN-10: 1419747487
  • Edition: Hardcover


With a cookbook as handy as this, your family and friends will always be treated to plates of delicious meals that will still leave them craving for more.


  • Famous author and chef
  • Best for home cooking
  • Requires basic ingredients


  • Limited cuisines
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With the experience and expertise of the author in the culinary field, Matheson has done a fantastic job in his most recent cookbook, highlighting recipes for homemade meals.


In this latest cookbook, Matheson provided 135 different recipes that he enjoys cooking for his loved ones. He hopes readers will replicate it and show their friends and family love through a good meal.

“Home Style Cookery” sees the famous chef sharing his kitchen guides while also sharing tips relating to pastry, meats, salads, and pasta.
He featured basic recipes like Molasses Bread in an Apple Juice Can, Beef and Bone Marrow Stock, and a massive seven-layer dip. Matheson followed that up with comforting recipes like Pho Ga, Double Beef Patty Melt, and Molasses Bread.
The famous chef then introduces some of his hottest recipes and then closes with bangers like Fish Sticks with Kewpie Tartar Sauce, Salt Crust Leg of Lamb and Yukon Golds with Creamed Spinach. In this latest cookbook, Matheson gives fans a glimpse into his bold cooking style. The book also features pictures of his meals and his farm, and several of his signature recipes.


Matty Matheson is a Canadian chef and popular internet personality. In the past, he served as the number one chef at Parts $ Labour, a restaurant in Canada that permanently stopped operations in January 2019.
In addition to that, Matheson is also famous for hosting “Dead Set on Life,” a Canadian cooking show that premiered in 2016. On the show, Matheson only further proves his culinary skills.
In October 2018, Matheson became a proud author when he released his first cookbook, “Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.” Shortly after its release, the book was named a New York bestseller and ranked one of the best cookbooks of that year.

Final verdict

Whether family or friends, everyone deserves to be treated to a proper meal, and with Matheson’s cookbook, you never have to worry again!

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