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Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask Review: Best Material

This sleep mask by Mavogel has been designed to maximize comfort. It is completely hand made and uses two types of cotton materials to make your sleeping experience more comfortable.

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask

This mask by Mavogel is completely handmade and provides maximum comfort to the user. It has a snug fit and does not have any rough edges that might irritate you.

  • Brand: Mavogel
  • Model: AU185162
  • Material: Cotton


Every part of the mask has been constructed to add to user comfort. The mask transitions onto the strap using triangle cotton structures to prevent any extra pressure on the temples. Moreover, organic cotton makes it suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Thicker and wider straps
  • Triangle wings made of cotton
  • Bending cartilage technology
  • Caters to most head sizes


  • The mask also covers your forehead which can be a little annoying in the summers
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

This sleeping eye mask by Manogel is one of the most comfortable sleep masks on the market. It has been designed after a lot of research and uses Mavogel’s proprietary technology that gives you a good night sleep thanks to the bending cartilage design. The mask fits around your eyes perfectly yet does not distract you will extra pressure on your eyes. In addition to this, the mask is 100 percent hand made to ensure that all the seams are closed and there are no rough edges to interfere with your sleep. The mask strikes the perfect balance between giving you a snug fit but not making you feel like something is grabbing your head.


This mask has been made using soft and breathable material that comprises 5 layers. It is soft and fluffy but is as light as a feather. In between the eye patches, the company has added its proprietary bending cartilage that adapts a shape according to your nose. It is super flexible and provides a better light blocking capability as compared to other masks. On the sides, the mask has a triangle cotton wing that slowly transitions into the strap. This way, the extra pressure on the side of your eyes and your temples is prevented.

Skin care

This soft and plush mask uses lightweight and breathable material that works well for individuals with sensitive skin. According to the company, all five layers used in the making of this handmade mask are breathable. Hence, the don’t let any debris or dust accumulate. Rather they keep the skin dry and prevent any perspiration from drying out, preventing mask acne.

Ease of use

This is a one size fits all mask that can easily fit on heads ranging from 19 inches to 29 inches. As compared to other masks, this is relatively larger, hence it can easily cover your eyes. Moreover, the straps are wider and softer and the buckle is installed at the back to keep it away from your ears.

Final verdict

The Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask is the best budget sleep mask that can easily stop all light rays from entering your eyes whether they are from the TV or from the sun. This mask is ideal for anyone who struggles to find the perfect fit when it comes to sleep masks.

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