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Maxboost Car Phone Holder Review: Best for iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is considered the best car phone holder because of its excellent quality and ease of installation. It maintains a strong grip on the phone by using four magnets and sets up easily as its metal plates fix into the car vent smoothly.

Maxboost Car Phone Holder Mount

Maxboost Car Phone Holder Mount

Users call it the best car holder for iPhone. It also supports devices from other popular brands and holds them firmly throughout the journey.

  • Brand: Maxboost
  • Product Number: MB000049
  • Material: Rubber


Along with being budget-friendly, it’s the best car phone holder to improve the interior charm of your car.


  • Cradle-less design
  • 360° rotation
  • Powerful magnets
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Easy to install and remove


  • It may not hold devices with the thicker case on bumpy roads
  • You can’t mount it on all types of car air vents
Ease of installation
Value for money

The details

Always listed among the best car phone mounts, the Maxboost Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mounts Holder offers great comfort while driving. You get it with a rubberized exterior that accommodates four powerful magnets. These heavy-duty magnets strongly hold most of the smartphones. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that your phone will drop off while driving.

You can rotate your device 360° and get a perfect view of the apps in use. Installation and removal of this cell phone holder are pretty easy. That’s why most of the users recommend it to secure your mobile phone while driving.

Ease of installation

It takes just a few minutes to set up the phone holder. It will slide into the air vent and then you have to glue the magnetic pad inside your mobile case. Once done, you are all set to mount your mobile phone on this magnetic car phone mount.

Quality of material

Maxboost has used top-quality materials to build this car phone holder. You get durable rubber casing on the outer layer and powerful magnets inside the phone holder. Magnets are powerful enough to hold phones for hours. Use a thin mobile case to attach the magnetic pad firmly. Thus, your phone won’t drop in any situation!

Security features

This phone holder has a cradle-less design. There is no case to hold your device because magnets work better. There won’t be any scratches on your device! Its dual-sized claw will attach firmly to the air vents. It will protect your device perfectly and offer quick and easy access to all the phone apps.

Value for money

You will find many cheaper alternatives, but none of them will offer the quality and performance as this one does. It is a stylish accessory to decorate your car. Its powerful magnets will never let your phone drop and its position will be the same throughout the journey. Therefore, it’s our top pick. 

Final verdict

Maxboost Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holder promises a long-term service. You get a 12-month warranty to assess its performance. It has pleased thousands of car owners and you will also admire the performance of this car phone holder.

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