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Maxboost Face Shield Review: Best for Droplets Protection

This face shield offers maximum protection in outdoor settings through its strong visor is uses thick PET to enhance protection. It is lightweight and adjustable on the face too.

Maxboost Protective Face Shield

Maxboost Protective Face Shield

The product is best at protecting in outdoor environments because of the wide protection coverage.

  • Brand: Maxboost
  • Product Number: MB000398
  • Material: Transparent


Works well indoors as well as outdoors and keeps you safe from a virus carrying unwanted entrant.


  • Custom fit
  • Thicker visor
  • Sponge headgear


  • Inadequate scratch resistance
Value for money

The details

Maxboost delivers aspects like flexibility, durability, protection, and reusability in this face shield. In times like these, where not everyone takes care of their hygiene, taking care of one’s health becomes imperative. This face shield helps you in doing the same.


The headgear is cushioned by way of a soft sponge. This makes way for a smooth and well-fitted face shield, reducing the face shield’s risk of slipping down. Boasting of the goodness of 2 times thicker PET, the visor bestows optimal protection and durability. It can withstand anything and act as an efficient barrier between you and the virus-carrying environment. What’s great about the visor is that it is incredibly light and thus complements the entire design philosophy.


 Using the slider, you can decide the coverage of your protection area. Thus, it provides maximal protection no matter what activity you might undertake. It is safe in every environment.


The visor dispenses transparency entirely and enables clear sight, and ensures no hazy vision.


When you look from the cost lens, this product is adequately priced and remains an excellent choice if you are looking for protection outdoors.

Final verdict

Health is an important part of the wellness of one’s life. This face shield can ensure that you can carry out your day-to-day activities without compromising your health.

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