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Meow Mix Tender Centers Cat Food Review: Best Overall

Serve your cats with one of the best dry cat foods in the market. You can choose from a variety of flavor combinations ranging from chicken and tuna to beef and salmon.

Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food

Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food

This cat food is designed to provide your cats with balanced nutrition without sacrificing palatability.

  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Product number: 10079100923172
  • Item form: Dry


Meow Mix Tender Centers is a budget-friendly cat food that provides the proper nutrition that your cat deserves, with the downside of having a bit more carbohydrates than the other cat foods on the market.


  • Affordable
  • Has five different flavors
  • Contains animal-sourced lipids
  • Perfect for picky eaters


  • Has relatively higher carbohydrates
  • The old packaging was better
Value for money

The details

Meow Mix has been around the market for more than 40 years and has provided felines with irresistible flavors that cats love with the nutrition that their body needs. The Meow Mix brand of cat food is best known for its catchphrase, “the food cats ask for by name.” The Meow Mix Tender Center is affordable, comes in different flavors, and is easy to purchase worldwide.


Meow Mix Tender Centers dry cat food comes in five different combinations tailor made for the feline palette. These flavors are tuna and whitefish, beef and salmon, chicken and tuna, salmon and chicken, and salmon and tuna.

Each Meow Mix Tender Centers kibble has a crunchy outer coating and a soft and meaty center. Because of this feature, picky eater cats will surely love this cat food and may even meow for more.


The Meow Mix Tender Centers dry cat food is specially made to help felines get the best nutrition possible. At the same time, it is made to make felines happy because the taste is irresistible for them which makes meal time less difficult even for cats who are picky eaters.


Like any Meow Mix dry food, the Tender Centers is made primarily with ground corn and is mixed with meat by-products as a source of protein. Whole wheat and soybean meal is also included for extra protein. One of the main features of this dry food is animal fat which provides the flavoring and the base for the meaty center.

Value for Money

One of the best features of the Meow Mix Tender Center dry cat food is its affordable price. For a 10 lbs cat, the dry food can cost around 0.10 USD per day, making it cheaper compared to other cat food brands out there. 

Final Verdict 

The Meow Mix Tender Centers is arguably one of the best cat dry foods out there in the market today. The product is affordable, highly palatable, and has a soft and meaty center, making it a sure-fire hit to our feline companions. The kibble is also easy to chew, making it perfect for kittens and senior cats.

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