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Method Dishwasher Detergent Review: Best Affordable

This is the best choice for people who have sensitive noses and can't stand heavily fragrant dishwasher detergents. The company ensures that there's no toxic chemical that might mess with the metallic surface of pots. All these features you may get at a reasonable price.

Method Dish Dishwasher Detergent

Method Dish Dishwasher Detergent

The product is made from non-toxic ingredients making it even more attractive for this price point. Also, its fragrance-free option makes it a solid buy for people with allergies.

  • Brand: Method
  • Product Number: 10817939017606
  • Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds


The packs stack up well against more expensive offerings. They are mineral-based hence gentle on the hands.


  • Derived from non-toxic material
  • Has a rinse aid


  • Too much product is used per dishwasher cycle
Residue removal
Value for money

The details

Most dishwasher soap packs are made from harmful chemicals that leave a chemical taste on the dishes. Luckily, Method’s packs are naturally derived, mineral-based, and non-toxic.

Cleaning power

The packs disintegrate quickly, so you don’t need to break them before use. What’s more, the product can remove 48-hour stuck-on foods without pre-washing them.


Households whose cutlery comprises glassware prefer dishwasher soaps that don’t leave residue, and the Method dishwasher soap packs fail the test. Many customers cite it leaves an ugly foggy film that is visible on glass items.

Additional cleaning features

The product is equipped with a rinse aid that keeps your glassware and flatware sparkling. In addition, the packs are laced with a lemon-mint scent that leaves your equipment smelling fresh. If you don’t like scented dishwasher soaps, you can choose the fragrance-free option.

Value for money

If looking for cheaper dishwasher packs than famous brands like Cascade, Method products are an excellent alternative. They stack up just as well and are more affordable.

Final verdict

The packs are a great buy if shopping on a budget. They clean dishes just as well as more expensive brands and are available in scented and fragrance-free options. However, you should be ready to wipe the white film off your glasses after every dishwasher cycle.

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