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MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier Review: Best for Apartments

This one goes for the places that are greater than 4000 square ft. and shows the water extracting capability of 50 pints a day. The best thing about it is that it doesn't overdo dehumidification and helps to maintain the ideal 45-55% humidity. You can attach it with a garden hose to drain the water present inside the tank.

MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier

MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier

It is one of the most widely chosen large size dehumidifier for basements and large spaces!

  • Brand: MIDEA
  • Product Number: MAD50C1ZWS
  • Color: White


This dehumidifier has become the most recommended machine for dehumidifying basements and large spaces in commercial areas.


  • 50 pint moisture reduction
  • Ideal for 500 square feet area
  • Innovative features


  • It is not as quiet as some other machines are!
Energy efficiency
Noise levels
Value for money

The details

An old and inefficient dehumidifier may take many days to dehumidify a damp basement. The MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier acts fast to make the area dry. It can run 24-7 and collect a large quantity of water in its tank. This dehumidifier offers all the advanced features you seek in a smart machine. Therefore, thousands of buyers recommend it for medium-large spaces!


The new MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS is capable of collecting up to 50 pint of water in a day. It monitors humidity levels consistently to maintain 45%-55% humidity in the house. This machine is best suited for reducing humidity from 86% to 45% or to install in a 4,500 square feet room. You will need a larger unit if the climate it too humid or to dehumidify 5,000 to 6,000 square feet area!

Energy efficiency

Unlike old model of dehumidifiers, this machine can automatically restart if power outage causes disruption in the operation. It can monitor moisture levels in the air to shut off automatically when the desired result is achieved. Thus, it plays a crucial role in saving the energy cost while dehumidifying the room.

Noise levels

This dehumidifier is quiet, but not as quiet as many people would like to use. It is probably because of its powerful compressor and great capacity.

Value for money

It costs less than other 4,500 square feet dehumidifiers. You get a 1-year warranty to replace the machine if it doesn’t perform as promised. Buy it and use it if humidity levels are too high in your home or workplace. It will certainly make the area drier and comfier.

Final verdict

Moist basements get stinky pretty quickly. That weird odor can soon spread in your home. Besides, it will become a safe place for the growth of mold and germs. Use the MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier to quickly reduce the humidity levels. It is also effective in other areas. Therefore, we believe it is one of the best dehumidifiers to buy in 2021!

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