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MitoBoost Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement to Trick your Brain Into Burning Fat

Tired of endless yoyo diets? Here is something that may help you regain balance and success with your weight loss efforts.

MitoBoost Weight Loss Supplement

MitoBoost Weight Loss Supplement

The product uses a lot of effective ingredients that one would typically find in a dietary supplement, especially an anti-aging one. It contains potent doses of plant and herbal extracts along with proteins that are known to help overall health, boost younger-looking skin, and enhance a younger appearance.

  • Brand: MitoBoost
  • Unit count: 60 count
  • Item form: Capsule


A weight loss supplement that promises overweight men and women to lose fat within the shortest possible time, MitoBoost uses all-natural ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It promises to target abdominal layers of fat effectively without making too many dietary or lifestyle changes. However, its main ingredients have not been linked to any weight loss benefits although all are associated with anti-aging benefits. The brand does not seem to have completed any trials or studies to verify its working mechanism nor tested the formula in a 3rd party lab to verify its purity, safety, or potency.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Safe to use
  • Multi-purpose dietary supplement


  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Individual results can vary significantly
Value for money

The details

Banking on the potency of collagen and herbal extracts, MitoBoost is a nutritional supplement that promises to accelerate weight loss. Alongside these, the formula also uses proven ingredients for joint pain relief and anti-aging which are extended benefits users can enjoy while using the supplement. The formula also contains high doses of vitamins and minerals similar to a multivitamin that can contribute to overall well-being.


The makers of MitoBoost claim that their supplement enhances metabolism and eliminates excess calories without making too many modifications to the diet, exercise, or other lifestyle habits.

It is also claimed by the manufacturers of MitoBoost that the supplement can help control blood sugar levels, blood pressure, flush out stress levels and boost energy levels.

The creator of MitoBoost also offers some tips to follow when using the supplement such as drinking plenty of water and staying away from sugary liquids such as soda, juice, and tea which may contain a higher number of calories. He also recommends eating food that have taste rather than resorting to restrictive dietary foods that do not satisfy your taste buds.  

The idea behind it is that once you start eating restrictive foods, your mind can turn around and tempt you to eat foods that will hamper your weight loss goals.

In addition, they are also advised to eat more fiber and protein foods with lower calories and abstain from carbs with higher calories.

It is also recommended to make a plan rather than eat randomly or follow a diet that won’t let you control your hunger. Following a strict reschedule can help you manage a healthy weight and lifestyle together.

The supplement is recommended for people who may not have the time to spend on workouts and diet plans.  


MitoBoost contains a significant dose of MSM which is listed as the first ingredient on the proprietary formula.

Typically, MSM is found in joint pain relief supplements and similar formulas.MSM has not been linked to weight loss in any major studies, however, it could make it easier to exercise by relieving joint pain.

MitoBoost also contains collagen which is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is linked to younger-looking skin, improved muscle formation, joint pain relief, and other benefits, although weight loss is not directly one of them.

Taking adequate amounts of collagen can present various benefits throughout the body including anti-aging effects.

Hyaluronic acid is another one of MitoBoost boosts ingredients. It is best associated with improving moisture retention in the skin with many anti-aging skin products and supplements containing this ingredient. However, it has not been linked to weight loss in any major studies but could help you look younger.

MitoBoost also contains various herbs, plant, and fruit extracts that may be beneficial for supporting joint health and anti-aging. Many of these extracts are what you would find in other anti-aging supplements, although their benefits for weight loss have not been established.

Other ingredients listed on the label include Foti root, Gotu kola, Amla fruit, goji berries, wakame, prickly pear, and grape seeds.

The biggest problem with the ingredient profile of the supplement is that the makers do not explain how these nutrients work or what they do for weight loss. The only thing we know is that many of these plant extracts are rich in plant-based compounds and can support inflammation throughout the body along with adding to your overall health.

But, their mechanism in helping lose weight is very obscure.


The makers of MitoBoost claim to use all-natural ingredients devoid of synthetics or other chemicals. It uses mostly plant-based ingredients that seem to be well tolerated by most users. However, MitoBoost boost does contain bovine gelatin which means that vegans and vegetarians cannot use the supplement.

MitoBoost is completely formulated and created in the United States in the brand’s FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. The formula claims to be non-habit forming and safe to use for most people who have been cleared by their doctor to use weight loss supplements.

Value for money    

MitoBoost is priced at around $69 per bottle with the price dropping when you order three or six bottles at once.

The official brand page prices one bottle at $69 with free shipping within the US. Customers can procure 3 bottles priced at $177.00 with free shipping within the US and six bottles for $294.00 with free shipping within the US.

We find this pricing on the expensive side especially considering that many of the ingredients don’t seem to have direct weight loss benefits.

Each bottle of MitoBoost contains 60 capsules giving you 30 servings good for a one-month supply.

Like other similar supplements, MitoBoost also comes with a standard 60-day money-back guarantee, where if you don’t get the results you were looking for, you can get a complete refund for your purchase.

Final verdict

Advertised as a natural fat-burning weight loss pill, MitoBoost claims that you can urinate an extra 2 pounds of fat every morning with limited exercise dieting or other additional effort. Its high-profile ingredients are what you would typically find in anti-aging supplements and not so much as weight loss aids which makes us kind of wary of how effective the supplement really is.

If you are looking for an overall anti-aging supplement, then you could give MitoBoost a try. But we are not very sure how effective it might be exclusively for weight loss purposes given that it doesn’t provide enough evidence for its weight-loss claims.

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