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Monopoly Deal Card Game Review: Best for Two People

This is an Amazon exclusive game board that is popular amongst family game nights nationwide.

Monopoly Deal card game

Monopoly Deal card game

This is a classic monopoly game that lots of people love and grow up with. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a game that involves a bit of tactics and strategy.

  • Brand: Monopoly
  • Product number: B0965
  • Material: Paper


It’s a monopoly deal card game that is good for people who are looking to have a friend/family game night. It takes approximately forty-five minutes to finish depending on the number of players. It works best when played by two people.


  • The game is short enough to be enjoyable
  • More fun and exciting when played by two


  • Requires reading and solving math
Ease of use
Material quality
Value for money

The details

Monopoly is a card game in which the players will have to compete against each other to collect three complete sets of property. As the game goes, players can lose their property if they don’t manage their bank money wisely. 

This game is made up of action cards, property cards, money cards, and rent cards. There is a bank pile for storing money. However, it’s not like the regular monopoly board game as the focus here is not on acquiring properties. 

Instead, what this Amazon exclusive game focuses on is using money piles to pay other players as necessary and also to safeguard property sets. You can think of this money pile as a wall to protect the players’ investments and property.

Ease of use

This game is very easy to play. Its set of rules and routines are also user-friendly. If you are familiar with the monopoly board game, then you will find this even easier. Each player here complies with bank money which they use to protect their assets. 

Material quality

The quality of this game set is not different than the usual card material. However, due to its broad nature, it is a little bit stronger than the usual cardboard material and is waterproof as well. Besides, it’s quite durable which means it will last for a long while.


This game is very fun and encourages you to think outside the box. Each player is responsible for handing their game side, allowing the game to move effortlessly. 

There are two different ways for the players to get property and money. The first way is to play both the action cards and money directly into the bank pile. The second way is to get the property and money from the other players. 

Value for money 

The game is available for just a few dollars, making it quite affordable. If you are looking for a cheap board game that will give you the same fun as a regular monopoly game, then this is a good option.

Final verdict

This game has the same mechanics as the original board game except for its repetitive roll movement mechanics. There is more player interaction here which makes it far more exciting and entertaining. 

Players who are almost winning might get bombarded with rent and debt collectors. If they are unable to handle this financially, then they have to relinquish their property sets. This makes the game feel more exciting and chaotic. 

This game requires less time than the standard monopoly board game which will leave each player wanting more. However, this game will need you to read and solve simple math. 

Younger children who can’t read the card text may be assisted. You can also pair them up with adults or older kids. The game works best when played by two people.

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