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Motast I09 Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review: Best Overall

Small, light, and powerful earbuds that provide remarkable audio quality and long battery life.

Motast I09 noise cancelling earbuds

Motast I09 noise cancelling earbuds

These earbuds are for everyone. Whether you want one for the gym, daily commute, office, or zoom meetings, this small gadget is perfect for all purposes.

  • Brand: Motast
  • Product number: i09
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless


We are impressed by almost all of the features of these small earbuds. They are lightweight, pocket-friendly, travel-friendly, long playback time, and impressive sound quality. Unfortunately, despite being on the best earbuds we have ever reviewed, it does have a major flaw. If you accidentally drop the earbud on the floor, it might come apart and you would have to reattach it. Sometimes you might even need tape to fix them.


  • Resistant to swear and rain
  • 2600mAh powerful battery
  • Easy to connect to phone
  • Sleek and pocket-friendly charging case


  • Not durable
Noise cancelling
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Motast I09 Earbuds sports high fidelity stereo sound, CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling technology, 126-hour playing time, 2600mAh Charging case, Bluetooth 5.0 technology and so many more features that make it one of the best wireless earbuds in the market! Whether you’re looking for a device that has long battery life, offers an immersive soundstage, or can survive sweat, these are the ones for all.

Noise cancelling

To make sure that the unit cancels out most of the ambient noises, it has built-in CVC 8.0 technology. This particular technology makes sure to filter out any sound which is 30 decibels or low. Although you might still be able to hear screaming children or loud horns right next to you, it does reduce the volume of such noises quite significantly. Overall, these headphones are perfect for people who want to be aware of their surroundings even when they are wearing the headphones. If you are looking for headphones that offer complete silence, unfortunately, these might disappoint you.

Sound quality

The sound quality is simply spectacular. It possesses Bluetooth 5.0 and DSR HD rendering technology that provides one of the best audio qualities that you can think of. It has deep bass and crystal clear and crisp treble. Whether you are calling someone or listening to songs, the audio quality won’t disappoint you. It would work with any kind of music; jazz, instrumental, bass-boosted, pop, and even opera. Also, the YouTube videos play smoothly and without any lag between the video and the audio.


The earbuds feel comfortable for most people. They have an ergonomic style and the soft ear tips fit nicely inside your ear and cause no additional pressure to your ears or head. The unit does not have a bulky or protruding style and they are extremely lightweight. You can easily pop these in your ear and go for a run without feeling that these would drop out.


There are so many features that we are absolutely obsessed with. The first is Bluetooth 5.0 which works miraculously. It only has one-step pairing and the connection remains uninterrupted and distortion-free no matter how long you play. The next feature is its extra-long battery life; it can play for 126 hours continuously! This roughly translates into five whole days! We also really liked the IPX7 waterproofing because that means you can use it while you are in the gym and drenched in sweat or you are in a steaming room or even if you are in rain! It can survive all such conditions. Lastly, the case has a small LED screen that displays the battery life so you can keep track all the time.

Final verdict

Whether you want earbuds for traveling, office, or even just to use while you go about your day, these earbuds are the best of the best. They have Hi-Fi stereo sound, instantly Bluetooth connectivity, a comfortable design, one-step pairing, dual-microphone, and so many more things that make it stand out in the crowd.

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