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Mpow H12 IPO Noise Cancelling Headphone Review: Best with Microphone

The headphones have ANC technology, sturdy construction, padded earmuffs and headband, a microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more which makes it one of the best headphones to invest in, especially if you love instrument music and podcasts.

Mpow H12 IPO noise cancelling headphone

Mpow H12 IPO noise cancelling headphone

Best noice-cancelling headphones with a microphone

  • Brand: Mpow
  • Model: BH427A
  • Battery life: 40 hours


The headphones are best at canceling out all the background noises and transferring you into the world of music. Though the sound quality is not as good as expected, it is still better than most. If you are a casual listener then you will love these headphones!


  • Efficient ANC technology
  • Stellar battery time
  • Perfect for instrumentals
  • Sturdy yet comfortable design


  • Does not have strong bass
Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

The wireless headphones have an optimal ANC algorithm to make sure that most of the ambient noises get eliminated when you put the headphones on. Equipped with powerful drivers, the headphone certainly gives a wholesome audio experience.

Noise cancellation

As soon as you put the headphones on, you will notice a detectable decrease in noises all around you. When the ANC button is switched on, most noises get completely blocked out and you will have a perfectly isolated soundstage. However, some people have shared that they could still hear high-frequency noises although they were bearable.

Sound quality

The unit has pronounced mids with a noticeable amount of bass so that every type of audio feels vibrant, pleasant and has a bit of depth to it. However, the audio-only has a mediocre low end so these headphones might not be best for bass lovers. However, if you like to listen to instrumentals, then you will like this model.


The headphones are extremely lightweight and you will barely feel them when you wear them. The smooth ear cups and the headband are made from a soft padded material to provide comfort and to reduce external noises as best as they can.


The unit has pretty impressive playtime; it can last for almost 30 hours before requiring a recharge. Although, when ANC is turned on, the battery time might reduce to around 20 hours. On the other hand, the charging time is pretty impressive; it charges from zero to full in only two hours!

Final verdict

The headphones have above-average noise cancellation properties and audio performance. However, the headphones are more ideal for instrumental music than any other genre. The padded headset sits comfortably and firmly over the head and you can listen to music continuously for at least 20 to 30 hours.

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