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Namecheap Domain Name Registrar Review: Best on a Budget

Affordable domain names, a fairly straightforward process to register a domain and user-friendly cPanel dashboard make Namecheap a strong contender in this niche.

Namecheap Domain Name Registrar

Namecheap Domain Name Registrar

Namecheap offers the cheapest domain registration services. Its web hosting plans and email accounts are also much cheaper than what other providers offer.

  • Brand: Namecheap
  • Founded: 2000
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA


If you’re looking for a domain name on a tight budget, Namecheap is a solid choice. Registering for a new domain and transferring to one doesn’t cost much. However, its lack of phone support and strict regulations on the refund policy can make some a little hesitant to use the registrar.


  • Excellent pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Provides domain privacy at no extra cost
  • Simple process for domain transfer
  • Constantly updates its TLDs


  • Domain transfer comes at a cost
  • Lacks phone support
  • Money-back policy comes with very strict conditions
Ease of use
Customer support
Value for money

The details

Namecheap was established in 2000, which means it has more than two decades worth of experience in the domain registration niche.

When it was founded, Namecheap only served as a domain registrar. But it’s since increased its range of products, and it now offers a variety of web hosting services and email accounts as well. One thing you’ll realize is that this platform’s services are cheap all-round. Here is a more indepth look at what Namecheap has for you.


Namecheap may not have the most cutting-edge features in the domain registration sector. But the fact that it provides basic features at such an unbeatable price is a decent offering.

For instance, the platform shows you a comprehensive database of domain names that have already been registered. This way, you can quickly figure out whether the domain name you’re interested in is available.

One feature that makes the company stand out is the fact that it lets users search for domains in batches. With other platforms, you can only search for one domain name at a time.

Very few domain registrars offer free transfers, and unfortunately, Namecheap is not one of them. The platform charges you a fee for domain transfers, and the rates vary significantly depending on the domain extension.

Overall, you’ll pay more if you’re transferring to country code top-level domains (ccTLD) than you would if you were transferring to generic top-level domains (gTLD).

Worried that your personal information will be available for public viewing once you register for a domain? At Namecheap, you don’t have to worry about this as they offer domain privacy with every single transfer or new registration.

Ease of use

One of Namecheap’s strongest traits is its ease of use. Signing up on the platform is quick and straightforward.

We were impressed by the fact that the firm doesn’t attempt to sell you any other service that they offer. Unlike some unscrupulous players, they also don’t try to sneak in any products to your cart without your knowledge. If all you’re interested in is a domain name, then that’s exactly what you get.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re directed to Namecheap’s cPanel control panel. This is revered as one of the most intuitive user interfaces that one can get. From here, you’ll be able to manage all your domains and hosting plans (if you’ve subscribed for one).

Another feature that makes Namecheap user-friendly is its payment system. With other domain registrars, your subscription is renewed automatically. So if you forget to cancel your subscription in time, the platforms simply deduct money from your card.

Namecheap operates very differently. For starters, the domain registrar never saves your payment details. Regardless of whether you’re paying through PayPal or card, you’re not forced to save any of this information unless you want to.

Secondly, you have the freedom to decide whether you want automatic renewals or not. If you prefer to renew the subscription manually, then you’re free to do so.

Customer support

When it comes to its customer services, Namecheap is a bit of a mixed bag. Its knowledge base section is the best we’ve ever come across. But it’s lack of phone support is a major drawback.

So what is it about the knowledge base that sets Namecheap apart? First off, it’s very neatly organized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. It’s divided into beginner-style FAQs to more advanced.

The second thing you’ll like is how detailed the articles are. The platform covers all angles when answering each question. So by the time you’re done reading an article, there’s no doubt that you’ll have figured out a solution to your problem.

In the event that you don’t, Namecheap allows you to post comments to the support documents. This gives you an opportunity to make further inquiries. And once you do, one of Namecheap’s support staff will respond. Plus, you also get to see messages left by other customers.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on their knowledge base, you can also seek help through either their live chat or support ticket system. You get a faster response through live chat so if you’re in a hurry, this is your best option.


As is the case with other domain registrars, Namecheap offers different rates depending on the extension you go for. The most affordable domain is .co, which costs $4.98 for registration and $25.98 to renew.

For more popular extensions like .com, you’ll pay $9.48 for registration and $13.48 to renew. .org goes for $9.18 upon registering and $14.98 for renewal. These estimates are based on yearly usage, which brings us to our next point.

Namecheap offers domains for a minimum period of 1 year. Essentially, you have to pay for one year’s worth of use upfront. If you end up not liking their services, this is a pretty long time to be stuck with the domain name.

Luckily, the provider also offers a money-back policy, albeit under very strict conditions. If your situation is valid, then you can ask for a complete reimbursement, and Namecheap will start processing the refund immediately.

Important to note though is that the payment method you used plays an important role. If you paid through PayPal or credit cards, then Namecheap sends the refund to these respective accounts. But if you paid through Bitcoin, the refund is sent to your Namecheap account.

Final verdict

Namecheap is best suited for an individual looking for domain registration services on a shoestring budget. It’s also a great choice if you want to acquire multiple domains without spending a ton of money.

This domain registrar is affordable all-round. So even if you want to sign up for their web or WordPress hosting, you’ll be able to save a few bucks.

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