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Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Review: Best Premium

With the added benefit of having a sleep tracking device and a temperature monitor; this baby monitor ensure the safety and well-being of your child.

Nanit Plus Smart baby monitor

Nanit Plus Smart baby monitor

Best premium baby monitor

  • Brand: Nanit
  • Model: N211US
  • Style: Plus camera & wall mount


With minimal looks and rugged features, the Nanit Plus is an always-on monitor that gives parents a live, high-definition, video view of all activities in their babies' cribs that are streamed directly to their smart device of choice for a reasonable price.


  • HD Wi-Fi
  • Sleep insights and coaching through app


  • Unlimited subscription sold separately
  • Accessories sold separately
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With this particular baby monitor; you can keep a close eye on your little one with the Nanit Wall Stand and Monitor Sleep System. The great HD camera placement provides an aerial view of the baby during sleep time, and the two-way audio system lets you sing or talk to give comfort through sleepless nights. The Nanit Sleep Monitor and Wall Stand System connects to your mobile app, so you can check on your little one even while you’re away from home.  The mobile app features lots of insights and recommendations, analyzing every aspect of the baby’s sleep. It also notifies you whenever needed.

The monitor received many high praises from authorities, winning many awards with its innovative system. It is undoubtedly one of the best intelligent monitors on the market. But of course, this quality comes with its high price.

Let’s take a closer look at this smart monitor’s details and features to see if it worth the money.


In addition to constant crystal-clear video coverage, the monitor offers background audio 24/7, allowing users to hear what is happening in their children’s room, even if they are running other applications. Two-way audio allows Nanit owners to speak or sing to their child from a distance through their device. The sensors can even track sound and movement in real-time and determine the difference between uneasy or awake and notify parents when their children need attention or just a time to calm down.

However, the intelligence of this creative product does not stop there. Users who upgrade to Nanit’s Insights program can take advantage of a host of child-tailored sleep monitoring and analysis features that will help the child, and the parents, achieve more profound, longer, and more restful sleep. This is the main difference between this smart monitor and the others. It actually tracks and analyzes the baby’s movements, breaths, sounds and recommends insights for better sleep.

Shortly, the features are amazing and have it all, even more than you expect from a baby monitor. The sound and video quality are exceptional, while the Wi-Fi coverage is decent with a wide range without disconnections. It directly connects to your smart device without the need for an internet connection, which is a huge plus because it means you can continue using the monitor even if your internet connection goes down. The device deserves a 10/10 for its performance.


One of the best qualities of the Nanit Plus is that it allows you to monitor the baby even when both parties are asleep. Not only does it track the baby when it sleeps; the device also monitors the baby’s breathing, movement and all other activities while it’s in the crib. The camera of the model records HD videos and has night vision with a 130-degree field of view. This means that parents too can finally get to enjoy a night of sleeping thanks to the Nanit Plus. Not too mention of its coolest features is the ability to broadcast the audio of the baby from the monitor striaghtto your smartphone; even if the screen is locked.

Ease of use

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor has a simple yet elegant design with a plain white surface. The camera is small but solid, with the additional accessories providing better usage.

From how long he/she was sleeping to how the sleep quality was, all these questions are analysed and presented on the easy-to-navigate application.

The camera easily snaps into and out of the wall or floor stand unit, and the Multi-Stand is designed for travel; it’s as simple as grabbing the camera, the Multi-Stand, and walking out the door. This portability is an intelligent design, making everything easier for traveling families.

One bad part about the design is that the camera’s head cannot be rotated or adjusted. It has a rectangular vision and also captures unnecessary fields like the floor or other objects. 


The slightly negative aspect of the monitor has to be its premium price range. Besides the 300 dollars price tag of the device, the additional accessories such as the floor stand or the baby vest that analyses your baby’s movements and breathing all come with extra high prices. On top of that, the parenting unit for the smartphone needs a subscription to use all the features in it fully. The sleep insights and analyses all come with a high price.

Nanit Plus is available with a free week of Nanit Insights. Nanit Insights Premium and Insights Unlimited are available for a yearly price.

Final verdict

Overall, Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is an outstanding and innovative baby monitor. It offers much more than a standard baby monitor, acting as an AI to better your baby’s sleep. It is totally a great device if you can afford it. The features may not be all necessary, but it is clear that they make parenting life much easier.

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