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New Balance 608 V5 CrossFit Shoes Review: Best for Heavy Guys

This ranks as one of the best crossfit shoes because it provides support to your ankles which keeps all the fatigue at bay. Like the pricey options, it has double density foam that helps to restore the natural shape of your heel. The shock-absorbing feature protects your legs from any excessive damage.

New Balance 608 V5 CrossFit Shoes

New Balance 608 V5 CrossFit Shoes

The dual-density collar foam of this model is thicker to reduce irritation around the ankles. Further, the use of the polyurethane insert maximizes cushioning, enhancing comfort.

  • Brand: New Balance
  • Product Number: MX608AB5
  • Type: Casual


Overall, the shoes provide ample flexibility, cushioning, and comfort to feet whether you’re wearing it for a short 40-minute workout or the whole day.


  • Ample cushioning
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Versatile design


  • Wears out fast
Value for money

The details

Since the discontinuation of New Balance’s 608v4 model, the 608v5 quickly replaced it becoming the brand’s most famous workout shoe. This new generation of shoes has lots of athletic qualities including an enhanced heel pad for optimal cushioning. The outsoles also come equipped with flex grooves enhancing flexibility.


New Balance applies a unique Abzorb cushioning technology to the midsole that absorbs shock. Unlike most sports shoes that have synthetic construction, the company uses leather on the upper part of the shoe. Leather is known for its durability and elegance but the lack of a breathable mesh makes some people shy away from leather sports shoes. To counter this,  New Balance makes many perforations on the upper to improve breathability. 


The shoe has a chunky construction but the classic leather upper construction makes it a great accompaniment for workout gear and casual outfits. In addition, it’s available in different color schemes accommodating both men and women.


A great deal of customers agree that the shoe is well-cushioned. The dual-density collar and new foam insole prevent irritation around the ankles making the shoe particularly suitable for those who need extra ankle support.


The footwear comes fairly priced for a shoe that provides ample ankle support. While its durability is not as impressive, it’s a worthy buy for fitness enthusiasts or those looking for a versatile sports shoe.

Final verdict

New Balance 608v5 is a good buy for CrossFit enthusiasts looking for a pair that reduces ankle irritation. The new features like the unique Abzorb technology and leather upper with perforations enhance comfort and versatility.

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