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New Balance Men’s 680 v6 Running Shoes Review: Best Overall for Men

This pair is made of 100% synthetic rubber and mesh upper. The material is breathable and easily adjustable, along with a strong and durable sole that would last you a long time.

New Balance Men's 680 v6 Running Shoes

New Balance Men's 680 v6 Running Shoes

Best plantar fasciitis shoes for men

  • Brand: New Balance
  • Model: M680RG6
  • Material: Rubber sole & mesh upper


The product has a sleek design with just enough curve and shaft heights. The sole and midsole, in particular, have thick and soft cushioning for an easy walk and flexible support.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hassle-free laces


  • Color and logos wear off easily
Arch support
Midsole support
Forefoot cushioning
Value for money

The details

If you are looking for an affordable, yet trendy pair of trainers, these shoes from New Balance can be your go-to sportswear. The pair provides you with stability, longevity, and comfort for your runs, walks and work-out sessions plus the design is compact and trendy with all essential features given.

Arch support

The arch in this pair is lifted to a perfect height for a sturdy fit to your feet. These come with soles that are extra thick at the center, which is great for people with high arched feet. However, the shape can turn out a little uncomfortable for flat feet due to this same reason.

Midsole support

The midsole structuring of this pair is the most amazing thing in this pair. Midsoles have ACTEVA and ABZORB cushioning, both of which combine to offer great stability and support. These midsoles make sure that your feet remain at ease and ache-free for a long time.

Forefoot cushioning

The forefoot is padded with soft and firm cushioning to keep the heel well-supported. The thick cushioning, however, doesn’t feel heavy at all. Lightweight EVA foam has been used which keeps the pair lightweight.

Value for money

These shoes are very affordable and perfect for beginners at training. The material is airy and light with firm, steady soles and a comfortable interior as mentioned before. The overall product offers a high value for money.

Final verdict

As stated earlier, the product is great in aspects of comfort, support, shock-absorbance, and durability. The only issue with this one is that the color and logos tend to fade away within a few uses. However, the rest of the material is comfortable and relatively long-lasting.

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