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Nice C Low Beach Chair Review: Best for Travel

It is OwlRatings another recommended chair that contains a heavy-duty frame to sustain weight up to 136 kgs. Easy assembly, super easy to clean, and a durable chair containing industrial-grade Oxford 1000D polyester mesh.

Nice C Low beach chair

Nice C Low beach chair

It’s the best low-profile beach chair to carry in a backpack!

  • Brand: Nice C
  • Product Number: B07QFKRXDC
  • Color: Set of 2 Orange


This Nice C beach chair is a cool choice for vacationers, who are planning to spend a refreshing holiday in a beautiful coastal city!


  • Industrial-grade materials
  • Supports 300lbs weight
  • Ergonomic backrest


  • Not quite sturdy
Value for money

The details

Nice C is providing you with the comfiest way to enjoy the sunbath. Try its low-profile beach chair. Being equipped with a breathable and cooling mesh fabric, this chair keeps you cool throughout the day. It has a cup holder and armrests that further improve the comfort levels. You can carry it on a beach, hill, in the wild, and any remote location you want to visit. This chair will always provide a comfy seat to enjoy the natural beauty of the location!


This chair is perfect for kids and adults. Adult users get an ergonomic seat with comfy backrest, and wide armrests. The seat stays pretty close to the ground. Therefore, you can easily spread your lags on the sand for tanning and relaxation. 


The Nice C low-profile beach chair is one of the most comforting chairs for beach vacationers, hikers, tailgaters, and adventurers. Carry it in your backpack wherever you go. It will provide a comfy seat to enjoy your favorite beverages after a tiring day.


Nice C has used heavy duty metal frame to make this durable. This chair can support anyone weighing up to 300 pounds. People have no issue with the frame, but the fabric is not quite durable. Several buyers have reported that the fabric got ripped apart after a few uses. You should return this chair if you face the same issue.

Value for money

Sturdy frame, comforting backrest, and supportive armrests make this beach chair an ideal choice for travel enthusiasts. You get a set two chairs at an affordable price. This chair got impressive ratings for its performance on the beach and in the wild. Therefore, we believe it would be a great choice for your comfort needs on the beach!

Final verdict

Nice C Low Beach Chair has drawn thousands of buyers to its unique shape and sturdy design. People choose it because they can set it anywhere they want to relax and enjoy the evening. Buy it if you are also looking for such a feature-rich chair.

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