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Nike Air Monarch IV Shoes Review: Best for High Arches

These shoes are super lightweight yet have a very strong grip and high support which makes them best for cross-training. They are made with phylon midsole, rubber outsole, and leather upper.

Nike Air Monarch IV shoes

Nike Air Monarch IV shoes

These lightweight cross training shoes fit true to size!

  • Brand: Nike
  • Product Number: 415445
  • Type: Cross Trainer


Flawlessly crafted gym shoes by Nike, which you can also use for running, jumping, hiking, and other outdoor sports.


  • Best cross trainers for people with wide feet
  • Phylon midsole
  • Solid rubber outsole


  • Squeaking issue, poor breathability
Value for money

The details

Solid rubber outsole and Phylon midsole make Nike Air Monarch one of the finest cross trainers. Non-marking outsole offers great traction on most of the surfaces and inner cushioning provide optimum comfort. High-quality leather-made upper offers a stylish and durable appeal to these sneakers. That’s why users prefer to wear these shoes while playing sports or training in the gym.  


Nike has used lightweight materials to improve comfort levels. Extra-padded midsole definitely soothe your feet and also offers better grip for off-road running. Comfy shoe collar and tongue further improve comfort levels along with impact absorbing heels. 


Although the upper material is not quite breathable, you won’t feel too many issues. Extra-thick heels, flawlessly arched midsole, and durable outsole ensure optimum comfort during training. You will enjoy each moment while running, jumping, or hiking in these sneakers. Therefore, you should try Nike’s Air Monarch IV.


Take a look at the design of the outsole. These shoes help you a lot in maintaining proper balance during weight training. You will feel more confident while lifting heavy weights. It won’t be an issue to climb up or run down the hill because these shoes will offer the necessary grip. You won’t fall due to poor balance if you wear these shoes for daily workout.

Value for money

Nike does not sell its products at cheap rates because it uses top-quality materials and chooses the best designs to craft its products. Air Monarch IV shoes have a perfect shape and build-quality to improve your performance. A 60-day money-back guarantee proves that these shoes have been built to last several years!

Final verdict

Nike Air Monarch cross training shoes has pleased thousands of fitness enthusiasts and athletes with their exceptional build quality. It is your turn to try them and feel the comfort for which Nike is known across the globe.

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