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NoCry Face Shield Review: Best for Nurses & Teachers

It is a face shield best known for its adjustable headgear which makes it fit different sizes of heads easily. It protects from different viruses, germs, and dust easily. It is durable due to its sturdiness and is comfortable to wear too.

NoCry Safety Face Shield

NoCry Safety Face Shield

The product is best for its design, which caters to everyone. It does not differentiate between someone who does not wear spectacles and someone who wears them. Adaptability is also a prime focus of the designers.

  • Brand: NoCry
  • Product Number: B086WJGGYL
  • Material: Transparent


This face shield must buy if your main priorities are protection, comfort, and durability.


  • Reusability
  • Protective cover
  • Accommodating design


  • Minor visibility issues
Value for money

The details

Manufactured in protected environments in plants based in Taiwan, this face shield is a perfect purchase. Its easily adjustable band, a dual focus on design and protection without compromising on comfort and reusability is what makes this face shield a contender on the list. If you are a frontline worker in the dental industry, the cosmetics industry, or the chemicals industry, then you are in the right place. We are talking about a match made in heaven in precise terms.


The word accommodating should spell it for you. With its adjustable band, you can adjust it so that it can fit your partner and child no matter the size of their head. The snug fit and use of high-quality adjustable metal hinges make it a perfect defense against the grime and smut of the outside world.


The snug fit ensures that protection is guaranteed 24*7. What’s great is that it does not require immediate disposal after use. Just clean it with soap and water or diluting alcohol or disinfectant, and you are ready for another day at work. The reusability builds upon the long protection cover this face shield offers.


It ensures comfort by way of anti-slip padding. The anti-slip padding provides for a snug fit and ensures that the face shield does not slip away while doing strenuous activities that require bending or involve sweat. The padding additionally softens the fit of the adjustable band.


Its value is evident through its sturdiness. The adjustable metal hinges are the most significant contributor to its durability. And thus, this product is worth the pennies you shell out on it as it will last longer and satisfy you to the maximal level. It comes with two additional visors for lasting use packed carefully to ensure no damage occurs.

Final verdict

In conclusion, this face shield fulfills all the necessary criteria, making it a perfect purchase for everyone, especially the frontline workers and workers whose work involves frequent contact. While some complained about minor vision issues, most hold this face shield in high regard. Its snug yet breathy fit owing to its adjustable band, anti-slip padding, adaptability, etc., are just some of the novel features as to why one should buy it. 

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