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Noot Products K11 Headphone Review: Best for Kids

Lightweight, colorful, and durable wired headphones that are compatible with most smart devices; Chrome Book, iPads, laptops, PCs, and tablets.

Noot Products K11 headphone

Noot Products K11 headphone

The headphones are extremely durable. The 5 feet long nylon braided cord can triumph through children twisting, chewing, or yanking it.

  • Brand: Noot products
  • Product number: K11
  • Connectivity technology: Wired


The headphones have padded soft earbuds and a soft-touch finish. The adjustable headband makes it easier for anyone to get the perfect fit whereas the overall lightweight design makes these headphones attractive especially for small children who have to attend online school. Although it does not have a microphone, you can still use the device’s microphone to communicate in zoom meetings.


  • Durable
  • Has an adjustable headband
  • Satisfactory audio quality


  • No microphone
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Noot’s Headphones are one of the best headphones that you can get you’re your child; they are adjustable, come in vibrant color combinations, and it is compatible with most smart gadgets; Chromebook, tablets, laptops, iPad, and any device with a 3.5mm audio jack.  They are lightweight yet sturdy so that even if your child drops them, it does not get damaged.

Sound quality

The sound quality is acceptable for children. Your child won’t complain about the audio quality or the volume of cartoons while using these. The earmuffs cover the entire ear and keep ambient noises away. So, your child probably won’t hear any background noises which is perfect if they have online school. However, we will not recommend these headphones for audiophiles.


The unit feels sturdy when you hold them in your hand. Furthermore, the best thing is that they can be folded into a compact shape so that you can take them with you anywhere you want. The cord is covered in a nylon fabric which keeps the wires protected and tangle-free. So even if your child yanks the cable, chews it, or twists it, it won’t get damaged. Still, while removing the jack from the smart device, try to pull out the jack itself and do not yank the cable to do so.


The headphones fit nicely over the head. Whether you are an adult or a child, you can get a firm yet comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable headband. The headset is not too tight around the head so it does not press against your skull and ears more than necessary and you can definitely wear it for longer hours.


The long-braided cord is one of the best features of this headphone and also the reason we labeled this product as best for kids. The woven fabric of the cord keeps the cable intact and prevents them from wear and tear. So, if you are tired of torn cables or cracked headphones, you need to invest in this one! It can definitely survive a few hits and bumps.

Final verdict

The audio quality is acceptable. Though it is not high-end quality, it is good enough for children to watch cartoons, listen to a bit of music, and attend online school. We would have liked if it had a built-in microphone nonetheless, you can still use it for zoom meetings since you can speak into the microphone of the device that you have plugged the gadget in.

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