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Northwest Registered Agent Online LLC Formation Service Review: Best Premium Option

This company is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a service provider with simple packages, excellent customer relationship, and strict privacy policy.

Northwest Registered Agent Online LLC Formation Service

Northwest Registered Agent Online LLC Formation Service

I loved Northwest Registered Agent’s prompt customer service. Customer representatives responded quickly whether I launched a complaint via email, the live chat platform, or call.

  • Brand: Northwest Registered Agent
  • Founded: 1998
  • Headquarters: Spokane, WA


Overall, Northwest Registered Agent is a fantastic provider for businesses looking for good customer service and zero upsells. Its decision to charge most services separately is unusual, but it might be appealing to some businesses.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Affordable registered agent services


  • Add-ons priced separately
  • Lacks business license library
Ease of use

The details

This family-owned business was established in 1998 to help businesses in their formation stage and provide ongoing support for legal compliance and filing requirements.

The company has a reputation for going out of their way to please customers. Besides, they have the most transparent pricing.

Northwest Registered Agent offers one paid plan, unlike other LLC formation service providers, which have multiple paid plans. The plan includes essential services like LLC filing and registered agent service; all the other services are treated as add-ons.

Ease of use

I found using Northwest Registered Agent services pretty easy. The ordering process is straightforward, the add-ons well-explained, and their costs laid out for quick payment. Once I finished ordering, I was granted access to the company’s online platform to track the application’s progress.

I also loved that I could download and use the applications to file alone without additional charges. Northwest Registered Agent provides detailed instructions to help one understand the forms and file them.


Evidently, Northwest Registered Agent has the best customer service. After signing up, I was assigned a local Corporate Guide to guide me through the registration process. The representative also helped me handle any setbacks I encountered during the filing process.

I must admit that this one-on-one support was a great selling point for the company because it made it easy to build a relationship with Northwest Registered Agent.

The company isn’t exactly clear about the turnaround time for formation packages, but it informs one of the time filing takes. I noticed the business filing process took longer in some states, sometimes compelling clients to wait for weeks. If in a hurry, it’s best to pay for expedited service at an extra fee.

I also loved its strict Privacy and Data Protection Policy. The policy minimizes exposure of personal information when submitting forms on the client’s behalf.

Sometimes the company uses its address instead of the client’s, and if it has to work with third-party services to file legal documents, Northwest Registered Agent uses attorneys and couriers only.


Northwest Registered Agent’s primary objective is to help businesses get established. Whether you’re setting up a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a limited liability company, Northwest Registered Agent helps file the necessary documents with the state.

It also provides name availability search tools to help a business find the perfect name. Besides its focus on new business formation, Northwest Registered Agent has various other features. Here’s an overview:

Registered agent

Northwest Registered Agent acts as a Registered Agent on the company’s behalf. This means it can handle a business’ government and legal correspondence, and it can scan up to five documents per year for free.

Northwest Registered Agent has offices in many states, making it easy for a business to access a local Registered Agent regardless of its location.

New state registration

Companies expanding to new states can use the company’s services to help them set up. Northwest Registered Agent also helps such businesses comply with state regulations and renew licenses.

Corporate guide

Each customer gets a corporate guide depending on their respective state. This guide acts as a personal support agent, although Northwest has in-house agents to help customers.

Free legal forms

The company has an online library of business forms accessible to businesses. A quick glimpse at the site allowed me to access LLC operating agreements, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, articles of amendment, meeting minutes, to mention a few.

VoIP business phone number setup

The company helps companies set up a voice-over-internet protocol phone number to avoid using a personal phone number.

Virtual office setup

Northwest Registered Agent also helps businesses set up virtual offices by giving them a business address. The agency also provides mail forwarding services.

Value for money

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer the most affordable filing services, but it’s cheaper than Inc Authority’s premium offers. I love its transparent pricing as it updates clients about any pricing changes.

I paid $39 only to file an LLC and an extra state fee which varies from one state to another. For any additional services, Northwest Registered Agent outlines separate charges for each.

For example, if I needed a Tax ID application (EIN), I had to pay $50 and $100 per year (and state fees) for the annual report filing service.

Northwest Registered Agent also offers two full-fledged bundles clients can choose from. The first is the Pay in Full option, which costs $225.

The package allows a business to file for LLC in its state and access registered agent services. The fee is steeper than most company’s low-priced plans, but I loved that the package contains the most basic services.   

The second package is called the VIP service, payable monthly for a year. It consists of business formation, registered agent service, state filing fees, and the necessary renewals.

The cost of VIP service varies depending on a state’s filing fee. For example, Texas charges $54 while Florida charges $37.

Final verdict

The Northwest Registered Agent is perfect for businesses looking for simple LLC filing packages.

It doesn’t bundle up services into one package allowing a business to subscribe to the services it needs most. It’s customer service is also a great selling point whether the company is filing on your behalf or you’re filing documents alone.

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