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OFM Office Chair Review: Best for Long Hours

This chair comes in various vibrant colors and a design that is sure to impress passionate gamers. It has a soft thread upholstery that casts a positive impact on its longevity. The 360-degree swivel provides you with ultimate comfort for long gaming sessions.

OFM Leather Gaming Desk Chair Review

OFM Leather Gaming Desk Chair Review

This product give outstanding comfort with its breathable seating and highly ergonomic design.

  • Brand: OFM
  • Model: ESS-3085-GRN
  • Material: Leather


This chair is a high-quality product for gamers who are into competitive gaming, which requires long sessions of sitting continuously in one place.


  • Premium gaming chair
  • Perfect for long sessions


  • Lumbar support is not adjustable
Value for money

The details

OFM is a new player in town. This chair is their flagship as first looks suggest that it is a premium product. Surprisingly, it is cheaper than many other gaming chairs and adds good value to your investments.


The chair is highly ergonomic because of its smooth swivel and segmented padding. The headrest and lumbar support are integrated and fit all heights. With that also comes the flip-up arms and the center-tilt control.


The padded flip-up arms provide a high degree of comfort, and you can move them away when you don’t want to use them. The headrest has padding as well as a very ergonomic design and high breathability.


The caster wheels are rated to go on for over 40 miles, and they are sturdy enough for you to use all day long without even making a squeak. You can be sure of its durability as it has a sturdy frame made of high-quality materials.

Value for money

This chair gives you high comfort and exceptional durability at a low price. If you are looking for a good-quality affordable product, this is the way to go.

Final verdict

For a perfect gaming experience and comfort while sitting, whether it is game time or office work, this chair is a perfect choice for those willing to spend a little more and get even much more in return.

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