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Opti-Free Puremoist Eye Drops Review: Best for Contact Lenses

These eye drops are targeted at people that frequently use contact lenses. These eye drops relieve pressure from the eyes, keep them moist and soothe any itching that may occur.

Opti-Free Puremoist Eye Drops

Opti-Free Puremoist Eye Drops

The product is best at unlocking the hidden moisture of the eyes, keeping it fresh and soothing.

  • Brand: Opti-Free
  • Product Number: 65019231
  • Size: 12-mL


These drops are specially made for providing moisture, which is generally locked due to contact lenses.


  • Moisturizes the eyes instantly and offers comfort all day long despite wearing contact lenses.


  • Can result in redness for people who have sensitive eyes
  • Suitable for soft contact lenses.
Value for money

The details

Contact lenses are essential for clear vision. But a major problem is the dryness experienced wearing these lenses for the entire day. Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting Drops can be used to eliminate dryness and restore the essential moisture of the eyes. These drops also prevent small particles from entering the eyes, thus preventing itching and irritation. 


The packaging of the product is of good quality, and the drops are free from harmful chemicals. 


The results are seen within a few minutes of usage. It gives protection to the eyes for long hours. 


The formula is an aqueous solution with citrate/borate buffer. The other ingredients include sodium chloride with edetate disodium. 


The price is affordable and budget-friendly. The quantity offered satisfies the price. 

Final verdict

Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting Drops are made for people wearing soft contact lenses. These drops have a unique aqueous formula that prevents particle build-up in the eyes. It can be used anywhere and is travel-friendly as well. Consult your eye specialist for the duration of usage.

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