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Oranginer Barefoot Shoes Review: Best for Squats & Deadlifts

This one is an exceptional choice for all the men athletes out there. The special feature is that the barefoot style makes you feel as if there’s no burden on your feet and hence you can work out for longer hours. The toe side is rather wider to make it compete with the costly crossfit shoes.

Oranginer Men's Barefoot Shoes

Oranginer Men's Barefoot Shoes

This footwear’s wide toe box allows your toes to relax when performing cross training barefoot. It also keeps you stable during uphill climbs.

  • Brand: Oranginer
  • Product Number: B07QXMNDDJ
  • Type: Minimalist training shoes


This pair is a good pick if you’re big on barefoot training and muscle-strengthening activities like trail running and climbing.


  • Improves balance during barefoot training
  • Perfect for different activities
  • promotes muscle fiber strengthening


  • Needs time to get used
Value for money

The details

Barefoot training is one practice that’s gaining popularity in the fitness world and it is best performed using minimalist CrossFit shoes like the Oranginer Barefoot shoes. They are lightweight and flexible allowing you to engage your feet more.


Unlike regular sports shoes whose midsoles have thick padding, this pair has a thin padding allowing your feet to feel the ground more. It is this construction that promotes muscle strengthening, improves efficiency while reducing injuries.


When it comes to its style, Oranginer adopts a minimalist appearance. The pattern on top is subtle with a few reflective accents at the back. As such, you can wear this pair to a regular workout session and casual events too.


The shoe is a perfect blend of thick enough tread and traction. The padding isn’t too much but it’s still comfortable. If you’ve sweaty feet its light, synthetic mesh upper should keep your feet dry.


The Oranginer minimalist shoe is a sure bet. It ticks all the boxes a barefoot training enthusiast would look for when shopping on a budget.

Final verdict

Athletes who have used other barefoot style shoes would find the Oranginer Barefoot pair a solid pick. It exhibits all the features of a minimalist shoe: flexible, comfortable, wide toe box; hence, an excellent buy for trail runners, personal trainers, and avid barefoot training fans.

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