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ORIVET Health Screen and LifePlan Dog DNA Testing Kit Review: Best Follow-Up Plan

Tests more than 350+ breeds, over 200 genetic health conditions, can check DNA analysis online, has a LIFE Plan. Also, you can monitor your dog’s analysis in real-time.

ORIVET Dog DNA Testing Kit

ORIVET Dog DNA Testing Kit

What stands out about this Orivet company is that it allows dog owners to check the progress of the dog’s DNA test once it receives the sample. Also, the results are displayed in a chart making it easy to understand.

  • Brand: ORIVET
  • Product Number: B083TFB3JK
  • Packs: One


ORIVET Health Screen dog DNA testing kit isn't your average product. Apart from analyzing a dog’s DNA, the company provides a LIFE PLAN for managing your dog’s health throughout their life.


  • Can monitor progress in real-time
  • Life-time health plan
  • Personalized offers for customers


  • Would have to purchase two test kits to get breed and health screening results
Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

The test reveals breeds making up your dog’s DNA and any genetic conditions he’s likely to develop. Orivet also includes a proprietary Life Plan a dog owner can share with their vet to identify potential health risks and administer relevant vaccines early on.

Detectable breeds

The test kit compares your dog’s DNA to the company’s genetic markers that comprise over 350 breeds. The results show individual breed percentages highlighting the most dominant and least dominant breeds.

Genetic disease detection

The test can also screen your dog’s DNA for more than 200 conditions and with the company’s Life Plan you can easily manage some conditions early on. The additional health risk analysis reveals your pet’s relevant health risks based on their breed, genetics, gender, lifestyle, age, and weight.

Turnaround time

The company doesn’t indicate the actual turnaround time but some customers cite receiving results after a week while others could access them after 30 days. Since the company requires customers to create online accounts for tracking the progress of your dog’s DNA results, it’s possible to access them within the shortest time.

Value for money

The kit is a solid buy for this price point. It’s relatively cheaper than Embark’s high-end DNA testing kit but performs just as well.

Final verdict

Overall, this is a great dog DNA test kit for dog owners who want to find out the breeds making up your dog’s genetic composition and manage their health throughout their life. With Orivet’s Life Plan you can administer essential vaccines and preventive medicine your dog needs early on.

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