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Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Spray Review: Best for Swift Action

This bed bug killer consists of 1 gallon of a strong mixture that kills bed bugs and their eggs as well as fleas and ticks. It comes with a ready-to-use comfort wand to effectively kill bed bugs.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Spray

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Spray

Best bed bug killer spray for instant results

  • Brand: Ortho
  • Model: 0212710
  • Material type: Comfort wand


This bed bug killer helps to have a long-lasting control on bed bugs. This not only proves effective in killing parathyroid-resistant bed bugs but also kills bed bug fleas, eggs, and brown dog tick. It is the second step of the Ortho Home Defense Bed Bugs solution. This product comes with a spray comfort wand that can easily get into hard-to-reach areas.


  • Kills parathyroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Spot treatment


  • Have to be sprayed a lot to kill the bugs
  • Effective for 1-2 weeks only
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

One of the biggest issues that a home suffers from is the presence of bed bugs and insects that are too hard to find and kill, but they keep harming relentlessly. In such situations, the Ortho Home Defense bed bug killer comes handy as it kills stubborn bed bugs from bed frames, mattress seams, and other areas speedily and ensures to kill even bed bugs’ eggs, fleas, and brown dog ticks.


This bed bug spray by Ortho Home Defense is a high valued item as it fulfills its purpose completely. Its comfort wand is made to handle the toughest pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and their eggs. It is a compact and easy solution to instantly get rid of bed bugs and their eggs, fleas, and brown dog ticks at an affordable and pocket-friendly price.

Ease of use

It is super easy to use as it comes in an aerosol spray bottle with a comfortable and easy-to-handle wand so that it only has to be pressed to spray the formula onto the targeted bed bugs and get rid of them then and right there. The fast-acting formula and the aerosol spray along with the comfort wand make the bed bug spray very convenient.


This bed bug spray is created with the formula that kills the bed bugs and proves to be a highly effective and fast-acting one. It ensures to kill the bed bugs and gets rid of their eggs while having a residual protection effect that can last up to 2 weeks.


The bed bug spray uses strong chemicals for killing bed bugs and treating bed bug infestation for long times. So due to the chemicals, the bed bug spray can’t be sprayed directly on clothes or direct-use items such as a couch, tabletops, etc. It is intended to be used in cracks, crevices that exist only indoors. It must be kept out of reach of children.

Final verdict

You should get this bed bug killer if you want a fast-acting formula that instantly gets rid of bed bugs. However, if you want a long-lasting impact, you might need to look for more products. This bed bug spray focuses on only killing the existing bed bugs in little time. But according to us at OwlRatings, this is a very high valued item as it comes at a great price and offers a good cure using a simple spray wand.

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