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Otium Audio Wireless Sports Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review: Best for Phone Calls

Secure, water-proof, and fool-proof earbuds that provide a phenomenal immersive soundstage and noise cancellation.

Otium Audio Wireless Sports noise cancelling earbuds

Otium Audio Wireless Sports noise cancelling earbuds

It is perfect for people who want earbuds that they can use while going to the gym, a hike, or any other sport which causes you to have sweat. Moreover, it can also be used to make calls with superb clarity.

  • Brand: Otium
  • Product number: Otium Audio Blue
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless


The earbuds are one of our favorites for sports as well as calls. We liked the IPX7 water resistance, ear loops, and comfortable ear tips. The audio quality surpasses our expectations and sounds good regardless of what you are playing on it; songs, audiobooks, podcasts, calls, everything sounds great.


  • Incredible audio quality
  • 9 hours of playtime
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • IPX7 waterproofing


  • Earloops are not adjustable
Noise cancelling
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Otium Audio Wireless On-Ear Sports Earbuds are perfect for all those people who take frequent trips to the beach. These IPX7 waterproof earbuds can withstand water and keep the sound quality as amazing as ever even if you are surfing. It is sweat-proof, damage-proof, and has a fool-proof operation. These are perfect for jogging, running, yoga, hiking, and any type of adventure!

Noise cancelling

The unit adorns CVC 6.0 chip which transmits high-quality audio but it also ensures considerable noise reduction in earbuds. While making calls, we noticed that we could clearly hear the other person and when we asked them about it, they also remarked that the sound was clear and loud. So, in addition to being one of the best earbuds for workouts, these are also perfect for zoom meetings or skype calls.

Sound quality

The sound quality is simply great. It sounds better than most wired earbuds and delivers clear audio playback. The upgraded acoustic components ensure that you are getting a rich and dynamic bass that just sounds phenomenal. The treble also sounds pretty clear. We tried to listen to most music genres on this and found that it worked perfectly with each type!


We loved the ear loops! To make sure that the unit remains secure and firm in your ears, the manufacturers have included ear loops that go over your ear and keep the earbuds intact. They are painless and do not feel uncomfortable at all! However, we wish the loops were adjustable. On the other hand, the earbuds themselves are not comfortable to wear. The ear tips are soft and they easily glide into your ear canal. You can wear these for long hours and not feel any pressure inside your ears.


One of the reasons why we think this is perfect for all outdoor adventures is because it can provide almost 9 hours of continuous play. The Bluetooth connectivity is almost flawless; it only takes a few seconds to connect to your smart device. Anyhow, we did notice that the battery completely died off within 10 to 15 minutes of the first warning of low battery which we did not like.

Final verdict

The earbuds are one of the most secure and sports-friendly headphones that we have seen. They can bravely handle a paramount amount of sweat and have an unwavering audio performance. The ear loops are one of our favorite features because they ensure that the earbuds remain firmly in your ear even if you are jumping or running. Unfortunately, they are not adjustable which means some people find these uncomfortable.

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