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Peacock Streaming Service Review: Best Affordable

OwlRatings best budget streaming service. Has NBC’s most popular shows, a decent collection of original films and a free plan makes it stand out.

Peacock streaming service

Peacock streaming service

Peacock still offers free trials to new subscribers. Once you choose a Premium package, you get a seven-day trial. What’s more, if you sign up through an Android platform, you can access NBC’s Premium tier for free for three months.

  • Brand: Peacock
  • Live TV: Yes
  • Founded: 2020


Peacock streaming service is what you want to follow most of NBC’s sitcoms, Law and Order, and The Office. The streamer has also become home to Premier League games and other sports programs.


  • Flexible pricing plans
  • The free tier isn't restrictive
  • Popular NBC shows


  • Too many ads
  • Few original shows
Streaming speed
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

The streaming service debuted in July 2020, adding another choice to the already crowded on-demand streaming service. Peacock was launched by NBCU providing exclusive content and a large catalog of NBC shows for only $5.

Unlike other services we have reviewed, Peacock’s plans have ads. This is because the company still relies on ads to generate revenue. If you want an ad-free streaming service sign up for Peacock Premium Plus subscription.

Its subscription plan is similar to Hulu’s as it allows subscribers to watch 13,000 hours of programming for free. As such, if you want to catch up on NBC shows like Saturday Night Live, you don’t need to subscribe to any of Peacock’s plans.

The only drawback is the vast number of commercials on the streaming service. Well,  NBC recently promised to reduce the ad time to five minutes for every hour of streaming. We can only hope it will live up to this promise.

Streaming speed

Peacock requires download speeds of 2.5 Mbps for buffer-free streaming experience. However, the assumption is that you’re streaming content from one device. Thus if streaming content from multiple devices, you’d need a higher speed.

Ease of use

Navigating Peacock streaming service feels familiar. On the homepage is a big carousel of popular titles and rows of thumbnails labeled Continue Watching, Laugh Out Loud, Peacock Picks, Peacock Originals, and so on.

We realized that Premium shows were mixed with free offerings, which can confuse new subscribers. Luckily, the application doesn’t compel users to upgrade to a premium plan. You’ll be asked if you want to upgrade to premium after clicking on premium-only shows.


Peacock has two subscription plans: the free tier and the premium tier. Its free tier provides 13000 hours of ad-supported programming, while the premium plan offers 20,000 hours. Sadly, only premium subscribers can access popular shows, originals, live sports events, and prestige content from other networks.

Its on-demand catalog comprises titles like Cheers, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation, Chicago Fire, to mention a few. However, free subscribers must wait eight days after the new episodes are broadcasted to watch them. It’s not the case with Premium subscribers as they watch the episodes the same day.  

Notably missing from Peacock’s library are NBC’s most popular shows: Seinfield and Friends. We realized the shows had moved to Hulu and HBO Max (respectively). It’s a bummer, but you can always compensate with Peacocks growing list of original shows comprising dramas and comedies. They include A.P. Bio, Brave New World, the Intelligence, Save Me, and Saved by the Bell.

If you’re the kind who prefers long-form originals, you won’t be disappointed. Titles like Anthony, in Deep with Ryan Lochte, and Speedways make a decent variety. What stands out about this streaming service is that most of its content is from NBC channels.

Thus, you’ll get episodes like NBC Nightly News, Today, and Meet the Press, all top NBC shows. You can also watch news, sports, comedy, and entertainment clips from across NBC Universal channels.

When it comes to sports, Peacock broadcasts a pretty solid number of matches. It has rights to 175 Premier League matches and is planning to host World Wrestling Entertainment soon. It also provides live sports coverage, which is available to Premium subscribers only.


It is Peacock’s three-tier pricing plan that makes it a great budget pick:

  • The ad-supported free version airing on-demand movies and shows
  • The Premium tier that costs $4.99 per month and allows subscribers to enjoy a decent amount of on-demand titles and live sports programs
  • The Premium Plus plan that costs $9.99

By comparison with Netflix’s premium package, Peacock’s Premium Plus plan is the real deal. It’s ad-free, and you get to enjoy all sports matches and a choke-full of content. What’s more, there’s a free trial offer on Premium packages. It allows subscribers to scroll through the content to determine if it meets their needs before paying for the plan.

Final verdict

Peacock’s vast catalog of NBC sitcoms, three-tier pricing plan, and live sports programming makes it an excellent budget pick. If you find the ads bugging, consider paying for the Premium Plus plan.

It’s still very affordable compared to top-tier streaming services like Netflix. And its ability to offer a free trial is a bonus. Most of the streaming services we have reviewed hardly provide free trials to new subscribers, so why not try it out?

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