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Pioneer TS-G1620F Car Speakers Review: Best for Metal Music

These speakers come with a rubber-coated cloth surround that has an injection-molded polypropylene cone to handle up to 89dB sensitivity rating. These speakers have 600 watts’ peak power and can handle 80 watts RMS to provide great quality audio.

Pioneer TS-G1620F Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-G1620F Car Speakers

Pioneer has built these speakers to deliver great audio output with minimum vibration.

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Product Number: TS-G1620F
  • Type: Speaker Systems


These speakers got progressive flex suspension system, which effectively reduce the vibration to deliver smooth and clear sound from the speakers.


  • Great power handling
  • Injection-molded polypropylene Cone
  • Balanced dome tweeter
  • Impressive frequency response


  • Poor bass
  • High-pitched vocals
Ease of installation
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Pioneer is known to provide impressively designed electronics products since its inception. The TS-G1620F speakers look pretty awesome, deliver quality sound, and a 1-year warranty to ensure great performance. You must own tools and expertise to install these speakers by yourself. Durable materials and futuristic design make these speakers quite reliable for any car.

Ease of installation

Pioneer delivers mounting hardware with speakers. Get the right set of tools, remove factory speakers, and connect new Pioneer TS-G1620F speakers. You may need to hire an expert if you don’t have car speaker replacement tools in your garage.

Quality of material

The build quality is awesome because Pioneer has used quality materials to craft each component of these speakers. Even though these speakers don’t produce good bass, music quality is not that bad. The credit goes to the quality of used material.  

Sound quality

You should not choose these speakers if you want quality bass output. High-pitched vocals have troubled a few buyers, but not all. Many users have reported better sound quality than factory speakers after replacing them with the TS-G1620F speakers.

Value for money

The TS-G1620F is reasonably priced speaker. You get a pair of speakers with 300 watt peak power, rubber-coated cloth surround, and injection-molded polypropylene cone. A 1-year warranty allows you to replace the bought speakers if they fail to meet your demands.

Final verdict

Pioneer is selling its TS-G1620F speakers with great features. You will have to compromise with poor bass in order to enjoy crisp-clear music in your car. Pioneer assures satisfying after-sales service if speakers don’t perform as per your expectations. So, try them now to get rid of poor-quality factory speakers.

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