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Popcorntime – Free Movie Streaming Alternatives

Try these legal movie and TV series streaming alternatives to stream the latest content in full HD.

What Popcorntime actually is?

Are you an avid movie or television show watcher? Or you feel movies and TV shows are your getaways from daily chaos? But considering that the legitimate streaming platforms require users to pay monthly subscription charges, you even shift to sites such as Popcorntime which offer free streaming and downloading of content?

Let us first make you aware of what Popcorntime actually is. So, it basically is a streaming and downloading platform which has a collection of a wide range of content from all genres. The main reason why people us it a lot is because it allows its users to view and download content free of cost.

Since the content is available for free, the main source of income for this site is through advertisements. The site displays a number of ads at different locations, which a user can view, to earn money. While some of these ads are harmless, a few have the potential to cause damage.

What kind of damage can be caused by using Popcorntime?

See, Popcorntime is actually an illegal website. Accessing an illegal website is counted as an illegal task and this alone can land you in major trouble. Apart from this, the ads displayed on this site are also a major source of trouble.

While some may be safe to click and remove, a few may have the potential to direct you to certain websites which can download viruses and malicious files into your system, which then either corrupt your system or steal data which is a very big threat to your privacy.

Apart from being just an illegal website, it is also a pirated one, which adds to the already long list of dangers that one can fall prey to while using it

How to save yourself from these dangers?

To protect yourself from the dangers which are accompanied by using sites such as Popcorntime, we recommend our viewers to go for legal and safe sites. Though those safe sites require their users to create paid accounts where monthly charges are deducted, they are far safer as compared to those free ones.

Popcorntime may be attractive and appealing because of its free usage, but one can not sideline the many dangers it has the ability to cause. Using safer and paid alternatives is always the best route to go down to, no matter the fact that it might cost a few dollars off your pockets. It is said that it is better safe than sorry, right? So instead of being labeled as an illegal site user, prefer going for its alternatives.

Legal alternatives

Some legal alternatives we recommend are these top 10 best streaming services.

Always remember to use one of these 10 best vpn services to stay safe online.

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