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Profollica Hair Recovery System for Men Review: Best for Men

A 2-step hair recovery system for men, using a dietary supplement and an activator gel, it activates the scalp and helps promote hair growth for dormant hairs as well.

Profollica Hair Recovery System for Men

Profollica Hair Recovery System for Men

Created to deal with thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women, Profollica is ideal for people looking for a natural yet thorough approach to treating hair loss.

  • Brand: Profollica
  • Asin: B00BCN3AHE
  • Optimal result: Minimum 60-days


An innovative solution to thinning hair, this all-natural, DHT blocking formula is doctor recommended and comes with no major drawbacks. Advertised as suitable for both men and women, it helps regrow hair while preventing future hair loss. But as with any other product, while it may not offer complete results to everyone, it can still improve the condition of your existing hair.


  • Doctor approved formula
  • Clinically proven results
  • No side effects


  • Complicated application
Value for money

The details

A one-of-a kind hair loss treatment system, Profollica uses a two-step mechanism to prevent hair thinning and hair loss. It combines amino acids, herbal extracts, nutrients, and enzymes to kickstart healthy hair growth and follows this up with DHT regulation to reverse any further hair loss.


Profollica is effective for both genders and claims to work equally well for men and women. It is a nonprescription, doctor-endorsed, natural hair loss treatment option that inhibits future hair loss and promotes new hair growth by a few different mechanisms.  

With its effective ingredient profile, you get the cumulative benefits of improved blood, oxygen, and nutrient supply to the scalp. The formula also moisturizes and rejuvenates hair roots, prevents follicle shrinkage, and reduces breakage.

In addition, it reduced DHT levels, reverses hair loss, restores hair vitality and texture, and may even prevent early greying of hair.

The no-side effect hair recovery system also promises 100% results with users not only being able to see better hair but less breakage while styling as well.


The 2-step application process involves a nutritional supplement and an activator gel. You have to take two pills a day that help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and promote healthier hair growth. It also nourishes hair with vitamins to promote hair growth and prevent thinning by inhibiting DHT production.

This is followed by applying the activator gel which functions much like a leave-in conditioner. The gel also works on reducing DHT levels so that hair can grow thicker and faster.

The supplement contains active ingredients like biotin, maidenhair fern, millet extract, and l-cysteine to strengthen hair by increasing its elasticity and fighting hair dryness. The ingredients also work to increase follicular density, improving blood and nutrient flow, and enhancing the strength and texture of the hair strands.

The gel formula contains a number of active ingredients including panax ginseng root extract, kigelia African extract, Cinnamomum zeylanicum extract, salvia sclarea extract, and gingko biloba extract that works on different aspects of hair growth.

Combined, these extracts cover everything from hair follicle stimulation and blocking harmful enzymes to lowering DHT and stimulation circulation within the scalp.

However, the 2-step process can be tedious for some. While many other hair loss treatment systems work by using a supplement alone or applying some product to the hair, Profollica requires double the effort and may be too much for some people to keep up with.


With an all-natural ingredient profile, Profollica does not present the risk of side effects. It is considered safe to use every day and continue using until you have reached your results.

The formula does not use any harmful or chemical ingredients. The oral supplement only contains natural, organic, and hair-boosting ingredients that can improve scalp health, speed up new hair growth, and provide the right nutrients to do so.  

The activator gel is also composed of medically certified components that are completely safe to use and does not require a prescription.

Current research shows no known side effects associated with taking Profollica products.

Value for money

The oral supplement contains 60 capsules which makes for a 30-day supply at two capsules a day. This means that you would have to wait out at least 2-3 months before deciding whether the product works for you or not.

While it is not priced as extravagantly as some other products, it is still on the pricey side. And having to invest in 2-3 bottles to see the results will add up over time. This may not seem very cost effective to some people.

However, if you decide that it’s not doing anything for you, you can avail the brand’s money-back guarantee. The company offers an impressive refund policy where you can return any unused product within 67 days of purchase. In other words, you get a 67-day risk free promise to get your money back if the product does not work for you.

On the one hand, this shows the company’s faith in their product. On the other, customers not happy with the results won’t feel that they have been taken advantage of. So, overall, it’s good value for the money that you invest.

Final verdict

Profollica offers a 100% natural formula fit for everyone to use. It showcases one of the highest rates for products in its category and is well received by many of its users. The best time to start using Profollica is when you initially notice hair thinning or hair loss occurring and is ideally recommended for people who don’t mind getting slow but definite results.

However, if you are tight on time, cannot commit to a rigorous routine of hair treatment, or are likely to forget the everyday application requirement, then Profollica is not for you. Instead, you may be better off using other treatment systems that are more lenient with their application.

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