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Pure Protein Variety Pack Protein Bars Review: Best for Muscle Gain

This one comes with 18 protein bars with less than 3g of sugar and the yummiest taste. Firstly it is gluten-free so this adds to its reliability with a variety of lifestyles. It carries 21g of protein for quick results and prevents you from running out of energy for a longer time.

Pure Protein Variety Pack Protein Bars

Pure Protein Variety Pack Protein Bars

These protein bars are one of the best protein snacks for instant energy. You can enjoy them before, during, and after a workout and give your body the much-needed nutrients to function.

  • Brand: Pure Protein
  • Product Number: 342920
  • Flavor: (6) Chocolate Peanut Butter


Pure Protein Bar is a healthy protein snack with great taste and good nutritional value. With almost 21g of protein, this bar is a great source of quick and long-lasting energy.


  • Delicious taste
  • Great Protein: Carbs ratio
  • Also available in other delicious flavors


  • Expensive
Value for money

The details

Pure Protein Bars are a collection of some of the most delicious yet healthy protein bars, impossible to find anywhere else. These nutritious snacks are every sportsman’s and gym enthusiast’s favorite food to consume before or after a workout. It is not easy to carry a whole meal with you to a gym every time. Moreover, who has the time to consume a meal while exercising? Pure Protein Bars are a great replacement for a full meal. They are also easy to carry and quick to consume.


Pure Protein bars have all the ingredients to add the much-needed fuel to your active life. The perfect protein blend meets all your food cravings and satisfies your hunger. Besides, the blend provides a sustained and quick energy that lasts all days. This bar comes in some of the most delicious flavors. Each flavor is just appropriate to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Each bar consists of 20 grams of protein which is quite a lot. The sugar content is very low to ensure a good protein to carbs ratio. This bar also has zero Trans fat and only 3 grams of saturated fats. The calories do not exceed the 200 marks. 180 to 200 calories are great for a snack like this. All the Pure Protein bars are gluten-free.


Pure Protein Bars come in five flavors and all taste fantastic. There is a flavor for everyone. Each bar has just the right amount of sweetness. If you have a peanut allergy, you can skip the chocolate peanut and peanut caramel bars and enjoy the other three flavors.

Value for money

Pure Protein bars are truly amazing but their price has risen over the years. A slight decrease in the price will be a great initiative by its manufacturers. Other than that, these bars are worth saving in your pantry.

Final verdict

The rich flavors and a healthy snack is a treat to have. If you like something easy to carry, fast to eat, and highly productive, we recommend you to try the Pure Protein Bars at least once.

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