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PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Getting & Staying Slim

Sleep-deprived? Irritable and overweight? If this sounds like you, then poor sleep may be the underlying cause of your unwanted weight gain. To break this bad cycle of sleep deprivation and weight gain, take a look at this innovative offering.

PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea Weight Loss Supplement

PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea Weight Loss Supplement

Sleep Slim Tea is a natural supplement that assists you to experience deep and restorative sleep. Manufacturers promise that it melts away belly fat without exercise or diet changes and removes toxins from the body energizing it afresh every day. However, the long list of ingredients could well mean that there isn't enough of each to present any noticeable effects.

  • Brand: PureLife Organics
  • Flavor: Turmeric
  • Item form: Powder


A nutritional formula that provides extra-strength deep sleep recovery, Sleep Slim Tea by PureLife helps you achieve a better night of restful sleep while increasing your metabolism overnight. Yet, hiding the ingredients in a proprietary blend leaves much to be desired.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Offers a money-back guarantee


  • Only available online and not in stores
  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Expensive for a tea
Value for money

The details

PureLife Organics brings a supplement that promises to improve metabolism, minimize late-night cravings, enhance immunity, and boost fat burning all while you’re asleep. Its Sleep Slim Tea is a daily weight loss supplement that can easily be blended into a delicious tea that restores sleep cycles while targeting belly fat, suppressing appetite, and attaining a flat belly.


Sold as a powdered supplement or sleep aid, Sleep Slim Tea can help you fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and wake up more refreshed than usual.

The supplement works using ingredients often found in similar sleep aids and formulas that work to increase leptin levels and decrease ghrelin levels. This mechanism helps decrease appetite and can lead to effective weight loss over time.

The makers of the supplement recommend using it a half-hour before going to bed, blending one scoop of the tea into 8 oz. of warm milk or water. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature and drink up.

Manufacturers do claim that users will experience the most acute, fat-burning sleep without any dietary changes or exercise, but we are not on board with that entirely. To say that simply sleeping well and boosting metabolism while asleep is not enough to shake off excess, stubborn belly fat.


Using well-known, natural, and non-addictive adaptogenic herbal extracts, Sleep Slim Tea aims to help users get more restful sleep. It contains a mix of fiber and herbal extracts that can provide stress-relieving and sleep-inducing features.

Sleep Slim Tea uses a proprietary blend of ingredients including Magnolia bark extract, chamomile, and ashwagandha to calm the body and mind by promoting sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. These are paired with about a dozen other herbal and plant extracts that may help reduce anxiety and support relaxation among other health benefits.

Sleep Slim Tea also uses important minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium that may help repair disturbed sleep patterns to let users achieve and stay in their deepest phase of fat-burning sleep.

The supplement also contains a good dose of fiber that promotes digestive regularity.

Although we like the blend of ingredients used in this formula, we wish that their dosages hadn’t been packed in the proprietary blend making it very hard to correlate the supplement to other competing products. Another consideration is that it’s very unlikely that Sleep Slim Tea can contain a significant enough amount of any of the listed ingredients considering that there are so many of them.

Because the quantity of each ingredient used in the formula isn’t clear, it leaves the formula somewhat lacking.


Sleep Slim Tea is an all-natural blend of spices herbs and minerals. It is dairy, soy, gluten, and GMO-free making it a safe-to-use product for suitable candidates. This product is also suitable for vegans who can benefit from its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties.

It is not recommended for people under 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, or anyone with a pre-existing condition or allergy to any of the ingredients included in the formula.

Value for money 

Every bottle of Sleep Slim Tea is priced at $60 which is rather costly for a sleep tea or sleep aid. Each container contains 30 servings per scoop.

The company provides some discounts when you order multiple jars where you can get a three-jar package for $139 and a six-jar package for $209. The pricing can vary slightly based on where you purchase the supplement from. For instance, other retailers have been selling it for around the $70 mark whereas the company website sells one bottle at $60 each.

The prices mentioned above include shipping within the United States.

The company also backs each purchase with a 60-day refund policy and anyone not happy with the results qualifies for a refund within this time frame window.

Final verdict

If disrupted sleep patterns and problems losing weight go hand in hand for you, then you can very well consider Sleep Slim Tea to manage both issues. It is a dietary supplement claiming to help users fall asleep easily while shedding excess weight but comes at a somewhat expensive price point.  

If you don’t mind paying the steep price, then you could try and see if Sleep Slim Tea works for you or not. Otherwise, there are far cheaper sleep aids available that offer similar benefits.

And while manufacturers debunk the need to diet or exercise while taking their supplement, we feel that the supplement may be most effective when users actually pair it up with dietary changes and exercise.

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